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Gear, Flight and more

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Any questions on gear, flight and more? I currently have 2 70s a resto shammy and a prot pally. I am hoping to make my Death Knight my DPS class. How is DPSing PVE/PVP with a Death Knight? Is it redundant or engaging/challenging? I have been looking at some of the level 80 gear from factions and dungeons and I am just starting to feel like I might even be keeping some of my items all the way to heroics at level 80. So the question is am I missing something or Is my full t6 set replaceable before 80 or is it going to take me to 80 and somewhat beyond?

Your Tier 6 is going to last you a really, really long time. My Shadow Priest was still wearing every piece of Tier 6/Sunwell gear she brought to Northrend until level 80. I replaced my weapon and off-hand pretty early in level 80, probably could have done so around level 78 if I knew where to look. The rest isn't going to be replaced until Heroics, or possibly even 10-man raids.

A guild that's in Sunwell right now will be able to go straight to 10-man raiding in Wrath of the Lich King, as soon as you hit level 80. You might want to pick up bits from Heroics first to smooth things out, but it's pretty optional at this point.

And for the first question. It's very easy to start playing a Death Knight. It's very easy to play one casually. Playing one well is much more difficult. You'll be watching rune cooldowns, DoT durations, all while using every single global cooldown available to hit another button, and trying to squeeze in usage of your Runic Power for Death Coils or whatever else you may have. It's a fast paced DPS class in PvE, so if you like crunching numbers and plotting rotations and figuring out how to maximize your DPS and all of that stuff, a Death Knight is a good class for that.

Is running Heroic dungeons still tied to faction reputation for individual dungeons? If so will this remain at honored or is this being reset back to a higher level upon launch?

For the Heroics I've done so far, there was no keying process at all. For example, my first time clearing Utgarde Pinnacle was actually on Heroic mode. Someone pulled me into their PUG despite me making it very clear I've never even done the dungeon on normal mode. It was challenging, but we did okay. I didn't need to buy a key or complete a quest or anything. We just flipped on Heroic mode and went in.

Has there been any mention of the item or items that are going to be replacing the Amani War Bear Mount in ZA?

I do not believe it's been mentioned what it is, and I definitely haven't bothered with old content on the Wrath beta. No idea on this one, sorry. Maybe you'll get a pile of Large Bear Bones. You took too long to get to it, it rotted away. How sad!

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