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Hits Level 80 In Wrath King

Author: inwowgold Source:

There was one player managed to ding level 80. I've been playing most of today, having arduously just hit level 71 a moment ago, how about 80?
There was no word from the player himself or herself as it yet, but they had a pet Priest with them to make the journey that much easier. That I can believe, but it's the actual time involved that confuses me. If they bought the copy at midnight on Tuesday and played solidly, that would have given them 30 hours all-told. Is that possible, WoW mathematicians? It doesn't seem to be shenanigans, as we can all see the dedicated warlock's armory profile. I'm sure she's looking forward to a lonely week of having no-one to team up with up. But gratz'n'all.
Our guild is on the fast track to 80, but nobody is going to the lengths of power leveling or dual-boxing to do so, just good old-fashioned caffeine and Questhelper.
The only motivation to reach 80 quickly for us is raid seating, the quicker you are leveled and geared, the more likely you will get into the early raids and cement your position as a raider.
The expansion is a way to reset the standing for some members, and allow them to jump from 2nd string to starter if you can level faster than some of those who were always in the raids.
It depends on your guild's raid schedule and some have multiple raid groups that have lots of room for 50+ people to get seated, but some (like mine) have one raid group so making it to 80 is pretty important if raiding is something you really want to be doing. I worked my way up through my guild from reserve to getting seated in every raid, I don't want to go back to being on standby just because some hump can take a week off work to reach 80 before me.
Then I ran WotLK's first two dungeons, neither of which especially impressed me. There's some nice graphical show-offery in the Nexus, but it all felt terribly familiar. As did the struggles to form a group for it. I know you've got to be precise for the later raids, but I'd hoped the early 5-man instances would be ameanable to a fairly mongrel group. Not so. It's not just a matter of getting the right classes, but the right spec of the right classes, and of course players that pretty on the ball. There wasn't too much wiping involved at least, but it was a right pig to sort out. Yeah, it's a bit more sociable than WAR's anonymous pile-ons, but they're so much easier to orchestrate.
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