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How To Participate In World PvP In Burning Crusade

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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is the first expansion in the World of Warcraft. In it, Eye of the Storm as a new battleground, is included with two brackets: levels 61-69, and level 70. Even though this battleground is made for level 70s, the use of flying mounts in the battleground is not possible. The Eye of the Storm battleground is only available to those with the expansion.

In addition, a new PvP Arena System was introduced, a way for players to fight in 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 battles. While the arena system allows people without the Burning Crusade to partake in skirmish matches, without the expansion people are not able to participate in rated matches which yield rewards, as ladder matches are only accessible by players who have reached level 70. Arena matches have taken a more prominent role in the game's PvP scene as it grows into an electronic sport. Blizzard holds its own seasonal tournament, the WOW Arena Tournament, which pitches teams from servers all around the world against each other. This tournament concludes with a 5v5 world final event, the first of which took place at Blizzcon'07 and so ended season 1.

There are several other "outdoor" PvP contests which are different for the zone the player is in, but most of which involve "capturing" key points to reward same-faction players in the area with such rewards as a damage boost of 5% or even XP/faction reputation increases of 5%. This effect lasts as long as the key points are held. The most complex outdoor PvP activity is a town called Halaa, located in Nagrand of Outlands, which can be conquered by either faction. The players who control the town get an additional quest, items, and other services.

There have several world PvP objectives that are not only the object of quests, but the only route to getting Marks of Honor with specific places like Honor Hold or Shattrath in Outland. World PvP will also yield faction reputation and a chance to kill enemy players outside the battlegrounds. The following instructions talk about participating in World PvP in Burning Crusade.

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