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How to Finish off level 75 - level 80

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Start working on your professions now that you're 80. You may have to resort to farming them on your own (dual spec can't come soon enough). The auction house has some ridiculous prices up there right now.

Now what?

Congratulations on reaching level 80! For the PvE players, the next step is to run a few instances and start gearing yourself up for Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum! Here's a few items of interest and where to get them from:

Gloves of the Time Guardian
These gloves would be something for early Priests to look at. All you need to do is run Caverns of Time: Stratholme and complete the quest Chromie gives you (A Royal Escort). If you're lucky, a Soul Preserver might drop which will help ease any mana woes you may have.

Moonshroud Robe
Tailors can create this epic level robe (which are extremely expensive). Run Utgarde Pinnacle and accept the quest (Junk in my Trunk) to get a Bauble-Woven Gown instead if you can't afford it.

Aurora Slippers
Here's another (relatively) cheap blue you can pick up. See if you can sweet talk a tailor to craft this for you and parting with one of their Moonshrouds.

To fresh 80s, I strongly suggest staying away from the Occulus and from Halls of Lightning for a while until you start accumulating better items. Both of those instances are no joke and aren't the most forgiving. Replace any final green pieces you have from quest rewards or crafted items and you should be in decent shape. I found heroic Gundrak to be challenging as well (that snake boss and his wraps are intensely annoying). The last boss in Old Kingdom (Ahn'kahet) is going to put many healers to the test. Try your hand at heroic Nexus or Utgarde Keep first and gauge your ability in there.

Try your hand at heroic Nexus or Utgarde Keep first and gauge your ability in there.

Quick tip for Ahn'kahet
On the last boss, just before he triggers his Insanity spell, have your group stack on each other. When they become hostile, blow a Psychic Scream and run in the opposite direction. Keep your Shield and Renew up on yourself. The idea here is to not DPS the mobs on your own. It's going to punish your mana too severely. Stay alive as much as you can and kite them around the entire room. Buy the rest of your party enough time for them to kill their ads and get to yours. Conserve your mana and keep fearing when the ads get close to you.

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