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How to Level Up Your WoW Cooking

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Cooking, like the other professions in the World of Warcraft, runs from skill 1 to 375 and you level it up by (drumroll please) cooking stuff! So here are the cooking ranks, just like the other skills:

Level 1 to 75 is apprentice

76 - 150 is journeyman
151 to 225 is expert
225 to 300 is artisan
300+ is Master, and
375+ is Grandmaster

Expert Cooking

To get your skills above 150 you're going to have to do a little reading (homework!) Wait! Before you run off, it's pretty easy. Buy the Expert Cookbook from the vendor or the Auction House and read it.
You can find the expert cookbook at Shadowprey Village in Desolace (for the Horde) or at Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale (for the Alliance.) it runs about a gold in price, maybe 2-3 wow gold off the Auction house.

Artisan Cooking

Before you can get Artisan Cooking you'll need to bring your cooking skill to 225, so get to work.
Cooking 225+ requires the Artisan Cooking Quest: Head over to Gadgetzan (Horde and Alliance) for this quest. You'll need to speak to one Dirge Quickcleave at the inn, and the objective is Clamlette Surprise.
To finish it you'll need: 12 Giant Eggs, 10 Zesty Clam meat, and 20 Alterac Swiss. The Alterac Swiss is the easiest to get as it's buyable off a vendor named Ben Trias in the trade district of Stormwind City, Horde can buy it off the Thunderbluff inkeeper.
The second and third ingredients are gathered by killing Owlbeasts in the Hinterlands and Turtles in Tanaris, for the eggs and Clam Meat respectively.
If you don't want to bother hunting owlbeasts and turtles you should be able to buy all the ingredients off the auction house for a few world of warcraf gold. This is especially true if you're leveling this skill at 35 or so, since the above beasties start at 41.

Master Cooking

For the truly dedicated, Master Cooking is available. Get yourself to Hellfire Peninsula and bring some cash to buy the Master Cookbook (only about 2g.)
If you're Horde you should visit Baxter, at the inn at Thrallmar. If you're Alliance you'll want to see Gaston in the kitchen of the Honor Hold inn.
Either faction can also get the book from Naka at the Cenarian Refuge.


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