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How to Level WoW Warrior Tip

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Are you still playing World of Warcraft Warrior? Warriors in World of Warcraft may be the most powerful class among the other classes. You can make pots/elixirs/weapons/armour/glyphs/Gems all for your warrior.But and this is a big but u can buy all on AH u might have to wait for the right gear/stuff to appear but it is there. Also gear can be given as rewards. Kara and above drop very nice warrior gear and all free. So as a warrior i would suggest the Farming/gathering proffesions to make wow gold for the gear u buy from AH.

To start leveling a warrior is a very good decision since at high levels warriors will be capable of doing a lot of things such as dealing very high amount of damage, tanking or soloing very easily. As a warrior you will be able to find an ideal arena team so you will be able to compete with the best teams of your battle group and gain the best gear available for PvP. Or you can participate in high-end raids both as a damage dealer or a tank! Although warriors are easy to play it is important to know the key information on how to level a warrior or how to play with one. One of the most important things is to choose the appropriate talent build. There are three talent trees for warriors: Arms, Fury and Protection.

The arms is usually used for PvP because of the extremely powerful Mortal Strike which reduces the effectiveness of healing spells on the target. Fury tree is usually the leveling talent build for warriors. With fury you will be able to obtain the highest dps (damage per second) so you will be able to kill much faster. At level 80 most raid damage dealer also use fury talent to deal the highest amount of damage possible. The Protections tree is generally used for tanking. The second very important thing is to choose the suitable gear. It is really simple to find out which ones are the important stats for leveling warrior. Our main aim is to maximize our damage output so you should get as much attack power,critical strike rating,strength and hit rating as possible.

Strength is the most important since it increases the attack power so your base damage will be higher. At higher levels it is also very important to pick up a lot of critical strike rating item. Speed level your character to level 80 in a few weeks and you will be able to enjoy the challenges of high-end raid instances or the heated battles in arena against other skilled players instead of spending months on leveling your character. So as you can see playing a warrior offers a wide range of opportunities.

How do you level your warrior? One of my best friends said: "When I started my warrior, I made him a tailor/enchanter. After I got tailoring up quite a bit, dissenchanted the things that I made, and then proceeded to increase my enchanting skill, I dropped tailoring, and took up mining." Did him choose the right profession?

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