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How to Level the Fishing Skill

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After the training, now comes the levelling. Fishing has not changed radically. You can still stand in Org or Stormwind and level fishing from 0 to 450 one tedious cast at a time. As before, only successful catches count toward levelling. If you fail to catch a fish because your skill was not sufficient to guarantee 100% success, you wasted you cast, so be sure you have enough fishing skill to guarantee you will not fail to catch a fish.

According to El's Extreme Anglin' it takes an average of 12.5 successful catches to gain a skill point from 375 to 430. From 430 to 450 takes an average of 14.5 catches per skill point. So count on catching over 975 fish before you see that Grand Master Fisherman achievement pop up on your screen.

There are a number of mods that will make fishing a tad less tedious. Prospective anglers might want to look at Fishing Ace or Fishing Buddy. Among other attractive features, these add-ons enhance the sound made when a fish is caught. This makes fishing more tolerable by allowing one's eyes to leave the bobber and attend to other things like TV, a movie, or a good book. Just have the bobber positioned next to the bobber, ready for a right click when you hear that a fish is hooked. In a recent Blizzcast developer Jon LeCraft indicated that Blizzard feels our pain and wants to make fishing more fun. However, this appears to be in the brainstorming phase, so prepare for tedium as you level your fishing to 450.

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