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Hunter Beast Mastery Talent Tree

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 For Hunters, Beast Mastery is regarded as being the best for general leveling and grinding. Your pet becomes a great tank and damage dealer with the various talents in this tree. You can rarely pull aggro off your pet if you are BM specced because of the strong damage-dealing potential your pet receives, this is why this talent tree is considered the best for wow power leveling. You aren't as strong as you could be in Marksmanship and you won't have the combat bonuses to ensure your continued survival in Survivalist. Still this tree is regarded as being useful in PvP, but not as useful in end-game raiding.
Improved Aspect of the Hawk - rank 5/5 (While Aspect of Hawk is active, all normal ranged attacks have a 10% chance of increasing ranged attack speed by 3/6/9/12/15% for 12 seconds.)
The new IAotH is set up to proc a lot more (twice as much), but also to shoot half the previous speed of 30%. Good for extra damage in the long run and it is possible to have your IAotH procs chain together.
Endurance Training - rank 5/5 (Increases the health of your pets by 2/4/6/8/10% and your total health by 1/2/3/4/5%.)
At 2,000 hit points, your pet would get a bonus of 200 hp while if you had 2,000 hit points, you'd get 100 extra hit points. Some say it is a big help (if you want to grind with your pet doing a lot of the work), not so much if you want to deal the damage. Many consider this a staple anyway.
Focused Fire - rank 2/2 (All damage caused by you is increased by 1/2% while your pet is active and the critical strike chance of your Kill Command Ability is increased by 10/20%.)
From what I can gather, this is a small bump in damage output (but helpful to the Kill Command). This looks small but is a big overall DPS addition. This influences all your damaging attacks.
Improved Aspect of the Monkey - rank 3/3 (Increases the Dodge bonus of your Aspect of the Monkey by 2/4/6%.)
It is very good for a survivalist build, but not as helpful for someone who wants to rely on either their pets or their guns/bows. Not a bad ability any way you look at it, but you might find something better to spend your points on though. It is helpful with your Mongoose Bite proccing.
Thick Hide - rank 3/3 (Increases the Armor Rating of your pets by 7/14/20% and your armor contributions from items by 4/7/10%.) 
It helps with damage reduction for your pet and yourself. If your pet has about 2,000 Armor and you also had 2,000 armors, they would get an extra 400 points of Armor while you get an extra 200 points from your own armor thrown into the mix. It is a very good, solid talent.
Improved Revive Pet - rank 2/2 (Revive Pet's casting time is reduced by 3/6 seconds, mana cost is reduced by 20/40%, and increases the health your pet returns with by an additional 15/30%.)
Situational. Can help when overrun & your pet has died (if you don't flee) and in instances. Previous talent returned your pet with twice as many hit points as this one does. Some use, many don't. This is useful in high-level raids, but also some don't use their pets in high-level raids. Your mileage may vary.
Pathfinding - rank 2/2 (Increases the speed bonus of your Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack by 4/8%.)
If you like running, this can help a little. It was an increase in speed by 2% compared to the previous version.
Bestial Swiftness - rank 1/1 (Increases the outdoor moving speed of your pets by 30%.)


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