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Kinds Of Traps-Freezing Trap

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Freezing Trap
This is the mainstay of traps, the icon and the centerpiece of any Hunter's group utility. It's not quite as dependable as, say, Polymorph, but when you're looking to squeeze into a 5 man run, it can sometimes help get that final DPS slot if you mention you do have some Crowd control.

In PvE, it's best use when you can establish a good rhythm with your tank. When possible, have it down between 20-30 seconds before he pulls, so that your cooldown will pop and you'll be able to ready a new trap for when (not if) the trap breaks before the tank is ready to grab your mob -- be sure to put that second trap down far enough away that your target won't accidentally trigger it while still frozen.

For PvP, just remember the drawbacks. A Scatter-Shot/Freezing Trap combo could be just the thing for keeping that pesky healer tied up long enough for you to kill his partner -- and you'll probably want to trap the healer, since Priests and Paladins can just dispel the trap otherwise if left uncontrolled.

It's worth noting that the Wrath Beta and the PTR are both featuring a new change to the Freezing Trap. It now takes up the function of the now defunct Bear Trap. It will not immediately break automatically on damage, but will allow a certain amount -- my estimate at level 70 on the Beta servers was somewhere around 1500, which will hopefully go up at 80.

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This provides a nice little safety net just in case the DPS "forgets" to switch targets or follow the tank boxes. At the least, it'll give you a chance to warn the tank before the trap breaks, and it means a stray Curse of Agony casting won't be the end of the world. A friendly reminder though: As of the current Beta build, it seems that pets still attack frozen targets (instead of automatically disengaging as they currently do on live), so be sure to pull yours off if you don't want your trap to broken in a few seconds.

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