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Kinds Of Traps-Trapping

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When you level your account will you use the trap? Trap is an useful skill, wish you can done well. Here is the list of the traps.

The Basics of Trapping
There's two universal drawbacks to traps that are good to keep in mind. First, they have a short arming time. That means that you can't simply throw a trap under a moving target and expect it to trigger. There's a good chance they'll get out of the way, especially if they're player targets. You'll need to learn to set the trap ahead of time and lure your opponent into it. This is, of course, relatively easy for a PvE mob, since you can simply fire a Distracting Shot and lead them right in.

For a PvP opponent, this is a lot less easy, especially if they notice you laying the trap. You have to be a little more crafty, and learn to keep your trap between yourself and your opponent, giving them no choice but to trigger it if they want to get to you. You may also want to use another form of crowd control such as Intimidation or Scatter Shot (which will be an 11-point Survival in a future beta patch) to "hold" your target long enough for your trap to trigger. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can move around enough (or use a /kneel macro) to fake your opponent into believing there is a trap where there is one, causing them to blunder in the trap you actually did lay.

Second, they are all on the same cooldown. That means that you have to pick your traps wisely. Be aware of the Frost Trap you're giving up when you drop that Freezing Trap, or the Snake Trap you're giving up to drop that Frost Trap, and so on and so forth.
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