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Level 70 priest builds

Author: Anna Source:

News from Anna 1-12-2008

Some build I am thinking of when I reach 70 and start healing again, not sure which one to choose.

A primarily holy build, good for bigger heals and Mana efficency.

Heavy Discipline, GREAT for pvp healing and viable as a off healer in PvE, this is my normal type of build.

Heavy Holy, seems like it would be VERY good for pve healing.

Holy priests are famous for their various healing spells and the protective shields, which make them the favorite healers for many people. While the traditional role of a Priest is healing, Shadow Priests (who can dish out significant single-target Damage Per Second and provide mana regeneration for the whole party) are also a commonsight for end-game raids. Shadow Priests also do very well in PvP. The Discipline tree helps the mana threshold, thus it complements both Holy and Shadow. In addition to powerful healing and single-target damage, Priests can also supply players with helpful buffs (blessings).

Level 70 Builds
Primary Disc/Holy

These are standard level 70 builds for a primary healers, which should include Circle of Healing. Unlike previously implied, mental agility is a must. Changes to Lightwell, though nice, have been inconsistent. That is not to say the large boost to the bonus of healing is not welcome. Some players are able to expend all charges by rapidly clicking the Lightwell, while others are forced to wait out the duration of the buff.
build focuses on maximum efficiency and accentuates the well-rounded qualities that comprise the raiding priest's abilities.

Variations include-taking one point out of Absolution into Silent Resolve. One point in Absolution will have a small impact on your mana usage when casting Dispel, or Mass Dispel. However, it is an impact nonetheless. Silent Resolve may be the difference between pulling aggro with Circle of Healing from an offtanked mob.

Taking the two points out of Holy Specialisation into Spell Warding. Crit percentage may be nice, and a well-timed crit heal may seem satisfying, but the Priest class was not meant to effectively take advantage of crit, as can be seen by our class mechanics and itemization. The damage a priest receives in a typical raid environment is most likely spell damage, thus Spell Warding is effectively a percent boost to Stamina, per point.

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