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Leveling Tips For Rogue Beginners

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There are some basic things you should do when leveling Rogue efficiently. They aren't hard to do and you will find your leveling speed improving by leaps and bounds. To most of Rogue players, these tips are specifically for Rogue class. The following information we will mainly talk about
We know you can do quests that are your level and higher but if you're looking to minimize downtime and maximize experience then you will want to stay 2 levels below you. This will ensure that you can take down a group of 3-4 mobs at a time and not have to sit down and eat or use potions during the fight. Fighting for 30 seconds and then eating for 30 seconds every fight means you will be fighting only 30 minutes of an hour. There is not a significant amount of experience loss fighting mobs lower level to make up for that when you don't have down time. So you get 200xp for killing something 2 levels below you instead of 250xp for killing a mob your level, at least you don't have 30 minutes of downtime per hour.them.
The subtlety tree is very inefficient at leveling. The combat / assassination trees are geared for warrior type melee combat (high white damage) and combo point regeneration. Specializing in subtlety will leave your best abilities from stealth and honestly, in the early stages of stealth you just don't move fast enough in stealth to go from mob to mob efficiently, it's much better if you don't use stealth and just run from mob to mob and start beating it down.
Daggers are inefficient and are mainly only seen in the end of assassination talent builds and of course subtlety, pre BC they were used in combat dagger builds for raid DPS. None of this is important to you while you are leveling. You won't have enough talent points available to do anything beneficial with them so stick to combat primarily.
This one is obvious, when you are fighting a mob make sure it has a "blue mana bar" under it's health. Caster's have a lot less hp and since you are a melee class it makes sense to just beat down caster mobs. You will kill more mobs and get more exp per hour.
Everyone seems to save their evasion and blade furry (combat talent) for special occasions. Don't, use them to save on down time and kill faster whenever they are up unless you know they are absolutely needed in the near future. This goes for sprint to in the early levels, it can help you travel around the world faster.
To large scale, First Aid has many uses. You can gouge a mob and bandage or bandage after a fight. This is a very useful secondary profession for rogues to have.
Health points save lives and save corpse runs. Learn to use them. Corpse runs take a lot of time away from leveling.
Get food that is of your level. Don't by cheap stuff, you want to get the best food for your level that restores health as fast as possible. In the event you do have downtime you don't want to sit there the full 30 seconds eating if possible. It's bad enough some flights are 15 minutes you don't need to waste even more time eating.
Then Stamina Agility is important for leveling a Rogue. Stamina is your hitpoints and agility is your attack power, dodge, crit, and armor supplement. These are the only two stats you need as a Rogue.

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