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Levelling Your Warrior Levels 1-30 Quests

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World of Warcraft Warriors are the heartiest of all the classes. To hold the mob's attention they have enough tricks up their sleeve. They are designed with abilities that help them hang on to agro, feed on it, and do some pretty hefty damage in the process. Arms are the most popular build for warriors to enhance tanking.

The very early level quests (level 1-5) are all around your starting point. There are enough to keep you busy for about an hour and level you from 1 through 5. When you first appear in the game you should search out an NPC close to you that has a glowing wow gold exclamation point (!) over their head. Once you complete the quest, that NPC or some other NPC (in the case of delivery type quests) will have a glowing world of warcraft gold question mark (?) over their head. This makes it easy to tell who to go to too finish your quest. The NPC will also show up on your mini map as a small gold dot, to make them easier to find when finishing a quest.
Simple Scroll
Level 1 Warrior
Read the Simple Scroll and speak to Dannal Stern in Deathknell.
Simple Scroll: 0/1
For this Quest, it is really quite simple. As a new Warrior starting out in the world, you must take your scroll to your Warrior trainer to meet him and to make yourself known in the world.
40 XP
Shadow Priest Sarvis
Ends at:
Dannal Stern
Speak with Coleman
Level 10 Warrior
Speak with Coleman Farthing.
To start your series of quests to learn the Defensive Warrior stance and to receive a new weapon, you must go find Coleman Farthing, in the Gallows' End Tavern in eastern Brill.
20-210 XP
Deathguard Dillinger
Ends at:
Coleman Farthing
Speak with Dillinger
Level 10 Warrior
Speak with Deathguard Dillinger in Brill.
This is a continuation of the Defensive stance quest, so make sure you speak to Deathguard Dillinger, whos post is on the west end of Brill, near the graveyard.
10-91 XP
Austil de Mon
Ends at:
Deathguard Dillinger
Ulag the Cleaver


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