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Levelling Your Warrior Levels 1-30 Quests

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Level 10 Warrior
Kill Ulag the Cleaver, then speak with Deathguard Dillinger.
Ulag the Cleaver: 0/1
To find Ulag, go to the mausoleum in the graveyard in Brill and touch the stone on the left hand side, but be ready!! After he is dead, return to Dillinger to receive Defensive stance and your new abilities.
85-850 XP
Starts and Ends at:
Deathguard Dillinger
Agamand Heirlooms
Level 10 Warrior
Bring Coleman Farthing the Agamand Family Axe, the Agamand Family Sword, the Agamand Family Mace and the Agamand Family dagger.
Agamand Family Axe: 0/1
Agamand Family Dagger: 0/1
Agamand Family Mace: 0/1
Agamand Family Sword: 0/1
The Agamand family crypt is at the north end of the Agamand mills, protected by lurking scourge and dead Agamands. Here you will have to fight your way down to the lower levels to find all of the weapons to return and receive a great 1 handed weapon choice!
3 Silver
65-650 XP
Starts and Ends at:
Coleman Farthing
Leveling Your Warrior (11-20)
Speak with Ruga
Level 20 Warrior
Speak with Ruga Ragetotem.
Find Ruga in Camp Taurajo in the Barrens. From here, he will set you forth on a quest line to receive a new Warrior Shield.
120-160 XP
Ends at:
Ruga Ragetotem
Trial at the Field of Giants
Level 20 Warrior
Bring 5 twitching antennae to Ruga Ragetotem at Camp Taurajo
Twitching Antenna: 0/5
Here you are given a time limit to collect different bug parts south of Camp Taurajo, when you return them, you will receive your shield.
The sheild-Ruga's Bulwark
160-1550 XP
Starts and Ends at:
Ruga Ragetotem
Speak with Thun'grim

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