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Levelling Your Warrior Levels 1-30 Quests

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Levels 21-30 Quests
The Islander
Level 30 Warrior
Speak with Klannoc Macleod.
There is an island off the coast of the Barrens, south of Ratchet. It is called Fray Island and it is a place where warriors meet. Speak with the chief warrior of Fray Island, Klannoc Macleod. If he finds you worthy, then Klannoc will lead you further down the warrior's path. This is the questline that will lead you to gaining the Beserker stance. To reach Fray Island, search for the sand bar shallows along the Merchant Coast.
60-600 XP
Wu Shen
Ends at:
Klannoc Macleod
The Affray
Level 30 Warrior
Kill Big Will, then speak to Klannoc Macleod on Fray Island.
Big Will: 0/1
The Affray is a challenge on Fray Island like to offer rising warriors who think they're tough, and if you can pass this test then you know you are. To begin, walk into the middle of that crowd yonder and step on the grate. That'll tell Twiggy Flathead you're ready, and he'll send challengers against you. Make sure to watch your back and have plenty of potions and bandages for doing this. Beat all the challengers and he'll call out Big Will. Kill Big Will and receive Beserker Stance.
The Windwatcher
Level 30 Warrior
Speak with Bath'rah the Windwatcher.
To start you on the path of your next weapon quest, talk to Bath'rah the Windwatcher, a troll hermit who lives between the Alterac Mountains and the Western Plaguelands. He is a skilled weapon maker and a powerful shaman. To find Bath'rah, go to the river that flows along Tarren Mill's eastern flank. Follow it north--Bath'rah is camped near ruins that rest along the river's eastern bank.
25-250 XP
Klannoc Macleod
Ends at:
Bath'rah the Windwatcher
Level 30 Warrior
Bring the items on Bath'rahs Parchment to Bath'rah the Windwatcher in Alterac.
Liferoot: 0/8
Bloodscalp Tusk: 0/30
Essence of the Exile: 0/1
For this quest, the weapon maker will give you a parchment with a long list of reagents to collect. At level 30, your best bet is to use the help of higher levels to collect all the reagents quickly and to fight the Cyclonian, a 40 elite, collect his heart, and get your weapon made.
470-2350 XP
Starts and Ends at:
Bath'rah the Windwatcher
The Summoning (Elite)
Level 30 Warrior
Bring the Whirlwind Heart to Bath'rah Windwatcher.
Whirlwind Heart: 0/1
Defeat the level 40 elite and take his heart, gaining your new weapon!
470-2350 XP
Starts and Ends at:
Bath'rah the Windwatcher
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