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Mage level at 70-80

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What's your mage level? Come to 70 or 80 now? You don't need to wait for level 70 to make the leap to Northrend. Just as you could reasonably step through the Dark Portal at level 58 and immediately start questing and equipping new gear, it's perfectly advisable to start eyeballing the trip northward at level 68ish. At that level, you'll be able to handle the mobs in the Wrath starter zones, take the initial quests found there, and begin equipping the gear drops and quest rewards, so feel free. Let's come to see the next level.

Arcane Brilliance invites Mages everywhere over for brunch. Let's come to how did he said. Howling Fjord is my personal preference, from a purely aesthetic standpoint. If I'm being honest, I'm mostly just a sucker for the Braveheartish pipe music that plays there. I keep expecting Mel Gibson to look soulfully at me and demand his freedom. You reach it by taking a zeppelin from just outside Undercity if you're a member of the Horde, or a ship from Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands if you roll with the Alliance.

Either of these zones will gain you one or two levels, depending on the level at which you made the jump to Northrend and how much rest experience you had saved up. When you finish up, you'll probably have a quest or two in your log directing you on to the next zone, Dragonblight. If you do quest out both zones, you'll find yourself somewhere around level 73ish before you ever step foot in Dragonblight, and that'll make the rest of the leveling process that much easier. Be sure you're visiting your class trainer every time you ding, because he or she will have sparkly new and improved spells for you every level. Aside from the usual new versions of old spells, level 71 brings you a very nice bonus in the form of Teleport: Dalaran.

Levels 72ish-74ish, it's now time to head in earnest for the icy wastes of Dragonblight. This zone is huge, and rife with quests and quest-hubs. There are a number of challenging group quests here as well, with worthwhile rewards. Though you may have been able to solo much of the group quests you've encountered so far (depending on your level and gear), even epicced-out Sunwell veterans will probably need to gather friends for the ones found here and in the zones beyond.

When it come to levels 74ish-76ish, your zone of choice in this level range is Grizzly Hills. Crank the tunes here. Seriously, if Howling Fjord is like battling through 13th century Scottland alongside Mel Gibson. Level 75 brings you the first of the expansion's new spells, Frostfire Bolt. You can find Arcane Brilliance's overly wordy essay on the subject here, but suffice it to say that this is a nuke that does both frost and fire damage. Levels 76ish-78ish. You have a choice here again, as you can spend the next couple levels in either of two zones. Sholozar Basin is a good choice because it enables you to start gaining reputation with your choice of the Oracles or the Frenzyheart, and because it gives you yet another chance to mindlessly slaughter wildlife at the behest of one Hemet Nesingwary, meaning loads of experience points. Level 77 brings a nice milestone, because that's the level at which you can purchase Cold Weather Flying from a trainer in Dalaran or Sholozar Basin for a cool 1,000 wow gold. The Northrend equivalents for Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley can be found in the level 80ish zones of Storm Peaks and Icecrown. If you manage to finish Zul'Drak and Sholozar basin without dinging 80. At level 80, you can begin to gear up for the end-game content, which will be our topic for next week.

Love your Mage!

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