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Make money in RuneScape

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Buy fish, cook the fish, and sell it for many different prices depending on the fish (level 1 to 50)
Make pies of every kind and sell them for a good amount depending on type of pie (level 51 to 138)


Make armor out of hides and snakeskin (level 1 to 56)
Make armor out of Dragon hides
Green Dragon hide (level 57 to 63)
Blue and Red Dragon hide (level 64 to 79)
Black Dragon hide (level 80 to 138)
Farming (Members only)

Farming is generally hard to make money and may be costly
Best way is to farm Ranaars and sell them


Generally hard to make money
Best way is to be a member and burn Loar Shades


Non members: Go to Karamja Island by taking a boat from Port Sarim. Fish for tuna (100 to 300gp each), lobsters (250 to 300gp each), and swordfish (200 to 400gp each).
Members: Fish Monkfish (300 to 340gp each) and Sharks (750 to 1000gp each).
Fletching (Members only)

Hard to make money. Requirements: level 65 Fletching, high level Woodcutting, Crafting, Magic, and Runecrafting.
Fletch Yew logs with a knife into Yew Long Bows. Buy Bowstrings and string the unstrung bow. Then sell the complete bow.
Herblore (Members only)

Kill Chaos Druids in Taverly Dungeons, collect various herb drops, and then sell.
Members can create potions for enhancing strength, defense, magic, etc. They can be sold for thousands
Hunter (Members only)

Trap animals in the Feldip Hunter Area
Recommended that you have at least level 65 hunter


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