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MapleStory and Mabinogi Updated

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3-Day & 10-Day Cash Shop Items
- For one week only, the Cash Shop will be carrying 3-day and 10-day items at a much cheaper price. Now, gamers can try out different outfits before buying them at the regular price.
Mabinogi has a major update to finish 2008 and celebrate the holidays.

- Guilds can own a castle and players can have houses.
o This provides additional storage for players.
o Gamers no longer need to stay logged-in to sell items. The Housing AD Board allows players to sell items anytime.

- Players who pay for a Mabinogi service package can now pose and show your emotion through movement.

Holiday Events
- Players will help a troubled Santa Claus.
- There is a fireworks show at 1/1/2009 12:00 am PST!
- Players can receive their fortune for 2009 by completing the Astrologer's quest in Dunbarton Library.

Holiday Special Pets
- Unicorn
- Holiday Bear

Party Board System
- Searching for parties is now easier through Party Boards, which are in every town.

Guild Battles
- Guilds can now fight against one another.

Postal System
- This is an easy way to transfer items or gold. It's also possible to request other players to make an item for you, pay for the item and receive the product through postal system.

Guild System Update
- Players can try to make their guild stone better than others.
- Players are now able to create a unique guild robe for all guild members.
- The new Guild Messenger system allows players to communicate with other guild mates.

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