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Pawn Scales For Level 80 Druid gear ranking

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   So far I've been skating through WotLK on my T6 gear, ignoring all the quest rewards. But then I got my first upgrade and decided to revisit the question of gear rankings. Theorycrafting for level 80 feral Druids is better now, what can we learn?

First of all, for cat DPS, I believe Toskk is still the best model out there. I took the default settings in the calculator (5000 attack power, 40% crit) and turned on all the feral DPS talents, Blessings of Kings and so on
The result is 1989 DPS and the following ranking:
1 Str = 2.3 AP
1 Agi = 1.7 AP
1 Hit = 1.0 AP
1 Expertise = 1.0 AP
1 Crit = 0.8 AP
1 Haste = 0.7 AP
1 Armor penetration = 1.0 AP

These level 80 results are quite a bit different from the level 70 3.0 rankings I looked at before. In particular Agility is way down compared to its old position. Maybe because so much of our damage is now based on Rake and Rip DoTs? Here's my Pawn scale for the above rankings. Assumes rare quality gems
I've also cooked up a Pawn scale for bear gear. You have a lot of theorycrafting models to choose from for bears - Karthis has a nice writeup. In the past I've gone with Emmerald's numbers for bear gear, but he's still not officially updated for 3.0 or Wrath yet. So I looked at Toskk's new bear TTL model mostly because it's easy for me to play with it. (Rawr may also be a good choice.) Here's what I get for default stats on Toskk, with Blessing of Kings, an armor metagem, and all tanking talents.
The result is a total time to live of 8216 milliseconds and the following ranking:
1 Stamina = 7.2ms
1 Agility = 3.4ms
1 Dodge = 2.7ms
1 Defense = 1.9ms
1 Expertise = 1.3ms
1 Armor = 1.1ms
1 Health = 0.4ms
These scales are going to be way off for anyone under level 80. If I were you I'd ignore it; just pick up a bunch of stamina and agility for tanking, strength and agility for DPSing, and otherwise pick the armor based on what looks best. Once you get to level 75 or so I'd start looking at these rankings.
The "enough stamina" thing will just have to develop, I think. I definitely experienced it in Burning Crusade, mostly through the problem of not having enough stamina after heavily agility-optimzing my gear following Emmerald's high gear list. Part of what the ranks above reflect is the diminishing returns on avoidance stats like agility and dodge. Too bad bears can't block, but we have high armor from trinkets and rings to make up for it. So, you can wait and see.
Do I believe this ranking? I'm not sure. The main thing that leaps out is that stamina is twice as good as agility. Is that true? It really depends on what you're optimizing: mitigation or avoidance. The reality is you want a good mix of the both and it may be that the Toskk TTL model doesn't really capture that since it's assuming you're getting no healing. Then again the new diminishing returns system means Agility gets less useful the more you have, so maybe these rankings are right. We'll have to see. In the meanwhile, I'll use the following Pawn scale to help me eyeball gear upgrades, at least until the bear armor nerf comes.
All in all, I used your level 80 scales above and then realised that since I rerolled a new Druid at the beginning of WotLK (which is now level 63)- these scales are completely wrong for me. Even the level 70 ones are probably a fair way off. I was hoping I wouldn't have to individualise them. Would I be better served using just the 70 scales as I level?

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