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Priest Overview

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For a Priest, it is important to acquire equipment to improve Intellect first, Stamina second, and Spirit third. Intellect is the most critical since the quantity of your mana pool will dictate the threshold of your ability to continue to cast spells. Stamina is the next most critical because Priests have a relatively low health pool, and very little armor. Priests will get hit from healing aggro and they need to be able to take a couple of hits so your group members have time to pull the mobs off.  Spirit is third, because it is relatively ineffective. It is the only stat of the three that has diminishing returns as you boost it up, since the mana and health pool increase significantly as one levels and the regeneration rate is negligible in comparison.
In part, the Priest class is the master of healing and hate control. Other classes such as the Shaman, Druid, and Paladin can heal, but not as well as the Priest. The Priest can also resurrect dead players along with the Shaman and Paladin. The Warlock also has the ability to resurrect, through the use of soul stones. The Priest has some buffs that can help party members. The Priest can even take control of humanoid monsters at higher character levels.
Likewise, the Priest class is a very functional, well-balanced class that has the capability to be powerful in both PvP and PvE, doing damage or healing. However, you cannot do both and expect to be the best so it is important to choose your path wisely and specialize in that path through a judicious selection of your talents.
When we make a discussion on Priest roles, we use the terms "Shadow Priest" and "Holy Priest" to describe the two Priest class paths. This is somewhat misleading however, since each path optimally includes talents within the Discipline tree. Therefore, "Shadow Priest" refers to those with Shadow/Discipline builds and Holy Priest refers to those with Holy/Discipline builds. Both are valid builds, and both have a role to play, yet however similar they are in some ways, they are also very different.
The Shadow Priest puts the majority of their points into Shadow, usually at least 31 points so they can get Shadow-form. This is the preferred build for leveling to 60 as your damage output is vastly increased, rivaling most other classes for pure DPS. In Shadow-form, you can't heal, so you are focused on damage, with some added utility spells like Silence. In instances, the Shadow Priest can still heal, and be the primary healer most of the time, all the way up through Upper Black Rock Spire, assuming you have a backup healer. However, you will have less mana, heal for less hp per heal, and spend more mana casting heals than the Holy Priest. Shadow spec is what you want if you want to spend the majority of your time in PvP.
In the game, the Holy Priest is the best healer. He will be able to heal more hit points on a single load of mana than any other class. Your typical Holy Priest will have at least 30 points in Holy, focusing on the talents that improve his healing type spells. As a Holy Priest, your damage is lackluster compared to Shadow, so you will not spend your time out soloing mobs all day, and if you do, it will not be as productive. However, in high-end, raid-style instances, you will be well suited to be in group one as the primary healer. You can spec Holy while leveling, but we advise against it, because as a Shadow Priest, you can reach level 60 much faster, then for a small fee re-spec to Holy. After reaching 60, if you intend to spend the majority of your time as a primary healer in instances and on raids in places like UBRS and Molten Core (MC), then you want to permanently spec as Holy/Discipline.
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