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Raids in Utgarde Keep

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Fourthly, let's move to the hunters and their pets.
Felhunter, with the recommended turtle, can win over the boss. The ferocious AOE team can deal with the monsters there effectively.
Now, we can move to the process.
As a mage, in this instance, you can go on with your raid easily. With the assistance of the water elementals, mage can deal with all the monsters in the instances though except the range spear-shooting. Even when you have encountered the blood dragons, who are immune to the 70K blood, you can sheep them and use the frost weapons to stun them. However, you may find it ineffective. Alternatively, you can turn to other gears.
For the details, we can have a look at the map.
Firstly, you should drag 20 monsters, including 2 doorkeeper, 2 groups standing at both sides of the door, 9 Vikings and 3 Skirmishers, to your side. Pay special attention to the monsters around the forge.
Then you can go directly into the room and sheep the human there. Your pet will then go ahead and take the place of the dead ones. Pay some attention to the hate DPS.
Secondly, you can go on to deal with the 8 monsters between the room and the boss. You can firstly attract them to the gate and then raid them.
Thirdly, you can go to the boss. All the undead, 3 elite monsters, who are skilled of intercepting, together with one group of patrolling and a large amount of common melee attacks should be
Then you can go on to get control of the patrolling monsters in the floorstairs. You may encounter some difficulties here.
The beast-tamer here will summon the wolf, which boasts of great attack power though it is usually referred as the usual monster. To the worse, the wolf is skilled of hopping. Therefore, at the first sight of the wolf, you should drag it to the hatred.
The monsters will shoot their targets with the long spears. As for the berskers, players can go up to 5 thousands.
If having the combination of the frost trap and the long enough distance, together with a fine view field, you can make sure that the beast tamer will summon his wolf when his pet is dealing with him.
As soon as the monsters approach, you can get them into your grip and stun them with the range attack and the frost nova. After the death of the wolf, you should keep fine with your own frost shield, have some blood and gems.
Finally you will come across some little imps, you can deal with them easily. Now that's all for the fast raid in the Utgarde Keep, thanks for your attention.

Those powerful armies are going to attack our expeditionary forces. We have finally found the clue to the enigma lasting for thousands of years in their legends from mouth to mouth.  The truth is that the base camp of Vyrkul is set up around the landing site of the expeditionary forces. The Dragon flayer has manufactured the war weapons in the camp, and they have tamed the primogenitor dragon to be their mounts, which will pose great damage to those audacious aggressors.
These loyal half-giant armies carry on their Vyrkul high lord's wills in allegiance. Yes, they are the legendary ones who are brutal, bloodlust, while loyal to the wrath of the Lich King. They can render the most powerful warriors immortal. What' worse, they are now in a more horrible mission, that's they are now committed themselves to snatch the Creator Titan's remains. Will it go on like the legend? All these will be answered by your adventures.
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