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Runescape Cooking Overview

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First Floor
On the first floor, you will find two ranges, cooking apples, a cake tin, a bowl and a pie dish. The Cooking ranges are useful because they can be applied to cook all food.
Second Floor
On the second floor, you will find the top of the windmill where the controls are located. Place grain in the hopper on this floor and collect it from the flour bin on the ground floor. Also on this floor, there is another cooking apple, an empty jug, an empty pot and some grapes.
Summoning Familiars
Using the Summoning skill, you will find that there are a few familiars, which might be useful for training your Cooking. Of particular note is the fruit bat, whose flying ability will fill its inventory with fruit while you are in Karamja. This is a great way to get all the fruit you need for all those gnome cocktails.

Preparing Sinew (for Crossbow Strings)
Crossbows require a tougher string than flax; therefore, it is most common to use sinew. Sinew can be harvested by Cooking beef or bear meat over a range. When you choose to cook beef or bear meat on a range, you must decide what to do with the choice of either cooking it into a delicious meal, or drying it out into sinew. You only need level 1 Cooking to prepare sinew.
Once sinew has been prepared, players can mix the sinew into a crossbow string by using it with a spinning wheel.
Evil stew of doom
Those who have started the Recipe for Disaster quest, and have got to the stage where they need to save Evil Dave will learn of the very evil and very spicy stew.
To get stew, you will need to get an empty bowl, fill it with water and add a potato. When you have done this, continue by adding some cooked meat, and then cook the stew on a range to complete it.
Using your cat (or soon to become hellcat), order it to chase the hell rats. When it successfully captures one, they will drop a spice shaker, one of 4 colors, which may have up to 4 doses of that color in them.

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