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Level 1-80 Complete Quest

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Level 13 - Tiger Grinding Tooth:
NPC: JODAESAN (specialities shop)
Step 1: Hunter Tiger, they drop "Molar Teeth" collect 10 of those and return to JODAESAN for reward.
Reward: 15300 exp, 5000 sp and 4400 Silk Road Gold Level 13 - Tiger Hunting Competition (you can do this quest 3 times)
First time: Kill 1 Tiger champion, 20 Tigers and 20 Young Tigers.
Once you complete go back and get reward
Second time: Kill 3 Tigers champion, 30 Tigers and 30 Young Tigers

Once you complete go back and get reward
Third time: Kill 5 Tigers champion, 40 Tigers and 40 Young Tigers
Reward: Total 33000 exp, 9550 exp, 3600 gold, 1 Tiger Violent Scroll and Hp recovery potions.

Level 15 - Chulsan Anger
NPC: CHULSAN the blacksmith
Step 1: Kill 200 Bandit Bowman, return to him once you complete.
Reward: 26500 exp, 10000 sp and 1 transexual item transform

Level 16 - Stolen Sword
NPC: GWAKI (Hunter Guild)
Step 1: Go to Bijeokodan Mountain Stronghold and kill Bandit, the "Stolen Sword" may drop on your first bandit or it may take you forever to get, so be patient. Took me 2 hours.
Reward: 18800 exp, 5050 Silk Road Gold and 5000 sp

Level - 16 - Hunting White Tiger
NPC: MACHUN stable keeper
Step 1 : Hunt 40 white tigers
Reward : 12500 EXP / 4300 GOLD

Level 17 - Herb Delivery
NPC: YANGYUN (herbalist shop)
Step 1: You have to travel to the Chinese West Ferry.
Reward: 14400 experience ,3600 skill experience and 3800 GP

Level 17 - Yangyun Request complete Herb Delivery to unlock)
Step 1: Travel to the East Ferry
Step 2: Travel to the West Ferry
Reward: 18000 experience, 4500 skill experience and 125 Small Mana potions (+220 mp

Level 17 - Black Tiger Talon complete "Adventure Stone" to unlock)
NPC: Flora specilities shop)
Step 1: Hunt Black Tiger, they drop "Black Tiger Claw" return to Flora once you get 60 of those.
Reward: 60000 exp, 15000 sp and 15700 Silk Road Gold

Level 18 - White Tiger Skin(3 times repeatable)
NPC: JODAESAN (pecialities Shop)
First time: Hunt White Tigers, they drop "White Tiger Skin" collect 100 of those and return to JODAESAN for reward
Second time: Same as above
Third time: Get 200 White Tiger Skin(84600 exp, 20k sp and 1 Tiger Strenght scroll, 20% dmg aborstion for 1 hour)
Reward: Total 84600 exp, 20000 sp, 10900 Silk Road Gold

Level 19 - Folk Remedy
NPC: CHAU(ticket ferryman western)
Step 1: Kill Chakji/Chakji Worker, they drop "Chakji Eye's" collect 100 of those and return to CHAU.
Reward: 112000 exp, 28500 Silk Road Gold, 25000 sp


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