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Level 1-80 Complete Quest

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Level 61 - Sand Monster Tribe
NPC: Hotan East Gate Soldier Makhan
Related Monster:Shakram/Edimmu
Availability: 3 times repeatable
Reward: 1,950,000 EXP 197,500 GOLD

Level 63 - Hiring hunter guild
NPC: Donwhang Hunter HARAHO
Kill 1500 Power Earth Ghost
reward: 2,500,000 exp and 250,000 gold
Repeatable 5 times

Level 64 - Baeksong's letter
NPC: Donwhang South Gate Guard BAEKSONG
Step1: Talk to Jangan Islam merchant ISHYAK
Step2: Talk to Hotan Stable merchant SALIHAP
Step3: Return to BAEKSONG (only gives 5 players quest one day )
reward: 1,450,000 exp, 9k sp and 140,000 Silk Road Gold Not repeatable

Level 65 - Mamoje's Gamble
NPC: Hotan Jewel Seller Mamoje
Related Monster: Dark Kara/ Death Kara
Availability: 7 times repeatable
Requirement: Complete Ishade quest

Reward: 425,000 EXP 40,000 GOLD 12,500 SPXP

Level 65 - Sweeping Earth Ghost Warrior
NPC: Donwhang East Gate Guard HAHUN
Kill 1600 Earth Ghost Warrior or Earth Ghost Soldier
Required Quest:LV 63 "Hiring hunter guild"
reward: 3,000,000 and 275,000 Silk Road Gold
Repeatable 3 times

Level 67 - King of digging
Kill Blind Mole or Mole for 340 goi claws
reward: 3,550,000 exp
Repeatable 5 times

Level 68 - 2nd Gamble (Soboi)
NPC: Hotan Blacksmith Soboi
Related Monster: Demon Eye/ Devil Eye
Requirement: Soboi's Hope, Lvl 65 Mamoje' Quest
Availability: 1 time
Reward: 925,000 EXP 90,000 SP
*Cannot Accept 2nd Gamble(Mamoje)

Level 69 - Ghost of dazzlement
NPC: Donwhang Monk BUPGONG
Kill Devil Ghost Nachal or Devil Mask Nachal for 1 Nachal antidote
(you need to get back to the npc that gave you this quest within 15 minutes after you get the quest item. No tele scroll or horse can be used , but you can use horse after you get out from dungeon.)
reward: 3,750,000 exp and advanced return scrolls X 50
Not repeatable

Level 70 - Paedo's request
NPC: Donwhang Storekeeper PAEDO
Kill Gold-Silver Yachal or Diamond Yachal for 250 pieces of diamond and 250 pieces of gold
reward: 4,250,000 exp and 375,000 Silk Road Gold

Repeatable 3 times

Level 70 - Collecting Buddhist scriptures
NPC: Donwhang Priest HYEON
Retrieve the 4 books of scriptures
reward:4,750,000 exp , 24,000 sp and 425,000 Silk Road Gold
Not reapeatable

Level 71 - Last Gamble (Soboi)
NPC: Hotan Blacksmith Soboi
Related Monster: Niya Soldier/ Niya Guard
Requirement: 2nd Gamble (Soboi)
Availability: 1 time
Reward: 4,000,000 EXP 96,000 SP
*Cannot accept Mamoje's Quest


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