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Tailoring Guide In World Of Warcraft

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   Tailoring is a useful profession to have but between buying your class skills, tailoring skills, and using a lot of cloth for your First Aid you might find yourself trying to farm cloth.  A WoW tailor is able to make armor, bags, shirts and many other cloth items. Tailoring which can be used for any class, is perfectly suited for classes that wear cloth.
Tailors have the ability to make special outfits to sell to friends or guildmates. Tailoring does not require a gather skill; instead all the material used is dropped by mobs or sold by vendors. Skinning is a great profession to use with because then you will have the required skins to tailor bags with.
Tailoring supplies many items to players of all levels. At lower levels Tailoring can create bags and equipment for lower leveled players. This equipment, while usually nowhere near as good as equipment from instances, is generally better than random things found in the wild. At higher levels Tailoring can be used to create powerful armor sets along with Spellthread. It's also a very profitable profession from the sale of Spellthread, bags, and rare cloth. Overall it's a wonderful profession that remains solid from start to finish.

Here's an apprentice to mastery tailoring guide. Maybe the tailoring process is one of the most demanding professions to power leveling, requiring an amazingly large amount of Netherweave (around 3,000) just to get through the 300s. The instructions to power level tailoring are as follows. You'll see comments for most of the cloth, basically these are linchpins to tailoring. Unfortunately Blizzard has created a high demand for cloth throughout the tailoring skill but only allowed you to gain 10-15 levels per tier. You'll find yourself crafting 450 Bolts of Netherweave and gaining only 25 levels (300-325), one of the most expensive and time consuming steps in this wow power leveling process. Enjoy!
Apprentice Tailoring needs a bunch of linen and some miscellaneous things from the tradeskill vendor. This can be easily obtained as your leveling or you can go back to place like the Dead Mines later to farm the linen you need. I suggest you get 180 linen cloth, the minimum you'll need is 160, but since Linen Bags turns yellow at level 70, you might need a few extra. Make sure you save all the bolts of linen that you make until you're level 75.

Apprentice Tailoring 
Levels           Craft                       Linen Cloth       Bolts of Linen Cloth       Coarse Thread 
1-45    90 Bolts of Linen Cloth          180    
45-50        5 Linen Belts                                                    5                                   5
50-75         25 Linen Bags                                               75                                 75
                 Totals:                            170                           80                               80

Journeyman Tailoring is the wool stage of tailoring. You'll need at least 150 Wool Cloth to craft the 50 Bolts of Woolen Cloth you'll need from 105-125. However, I recommend you get 180 to make sure you reach level 105 and have enough extra bolts to reach 115 while crafting Gray Woolen Shirts. For me wool cloth was cheap enough to just grab on the Auction House, I paid around 50s per stack or 9 gold total. The rest of the materials can be found at a the vendor
In order to become an expert tailor and learn the following crafts, you'll need to visit either Georgio Bolero in Stormwind or Josef Gregorian in Undercity. You'll need at most (hopefully) 800 silk cloth to craft 200 Bolts and thus levels 145-215. The best place to get silk is either Scarlet Monastery or the Auction House, it's one of the most popular clothes so it typically is less expensive than mageweave. Note that when you get to level 175 you'll stop to craft at least 10 Bolts of mageweave to reach 185.
You come up to level 250, you'll want to start collecting Runecloth and Rugged Leather. It will cost you at most 980 runecloth and about 130 rugged leather. You'll also want to start looking for the pattern for Runecloth Bags sold in Winterspring. If you can't find this pattern don't fret, you'll just need an extra 10 rugged leather and 5 extra Bolts of Runecloth (25 Runecloth) to make it from 275 to 280 making Runecloth Gloves instead. The gloves will turn green at 290 so it might take as many as 20 crafts to hit 300, this is accounted for in the total materials row.
That is all about the tailoring guide in World of Warcraft.

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