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Upcoming Classes Changes (2)

Author: inwowgold Source:

Frostbite and Fingers of Forst
It is intended that with both Frostbite and Fingers of Frost fully talented, Fingers never triggers independently.
It is not intended that the Fingers procs get consumed too early when that happens.
About the Arcane Blast change
Arcane Blast ended up being so good that we were concerned you could remove all your other buttons, and that every mage would go spec deep Arcane. Rather than just nerfing it, we are trying mechanics that let pushing the button be awesome, but pushing it twice in a row be less awesome. For what it's worth, I would be very surprised if the 300% penalty was our final implementation of this spell.
Imp Inner Fire swapped with Imp Power Shield
Finally, something I can work with! I'll do this tomorrow morning.
Holy Tree Changes
Improved Holy Concentration: We'd like to keep this based off spell crit. Its possible we're too conservative with the numbers. As for other crit talents, Surge of Light now also procs an instant flash heal. (We're looking into fixing the Surge of Light/Improved Holy Concentration bug with them eating each others charges btw)
Desperate Prayer: We had to give it a mana cost to balance the spell with its new cooldown (It went from 10 minutes to 2 minutes).
Divine Providence: 10% healing for any healing spell that heals more than one target is pretty good. Granted its not very complicated or flashy, but I don't think that makes the talent bad. I mean we could tack on something like "Your healing spells are increased by 10% when your mana is above 50%" but that would really just be tacked on in an effort to make it feel different and interesting.
Test of Faith: Compare it to Holy Specialization(5% crit), its 6% crit and 6% healing for 3 points vs 5% crit for 5. 50% happens more often than you'd think, and extra healing and crit chance is most important when a target is at 50% or under.
Guardian Spirit: Players boosted the heal from 10% to 50%.
Shadow Priest DPS
We test single target DPS with blue, epic and green gear. In all trials the Shadow Priest was doing more than expected DPS, I believe it was around 2500 in epics. This was solo in a 5-minute trial (without raid buffs). In a raid setting, your DPS would probably be significantly higher. In a nutshell, we feel we've made a lot of progress in our goal of bumping the Shadow Priest DPS numbers/scaling to where we want it to be. Unfortunately players won't really be able to see these numbers on their characters because you are using low tier PvP gear.
Riptide & Imp Water Shield changes
We improved the base heal by 33% (Not sure if you have that build or not). It also now procs Tidal Waves, and we've changed Tidal Waves to two charges now (up from 1). Improved water shield will also be changed to affect riptide.
Riptide and Imp Chain Heal are now unlinked
Devastate compensation
It will probably be in Revenge or Shield Slam, but we're still working on the exact implementation.
Titan's Grip
Titan's Grip needs a counter-balance because two-handed weapons are more powerful than one-handed weapons. Period. Nobody would argue this I imagine or else you wouldn't be interested in the talent in the first place.
So the only thing that is really in contention is whether the increased dps is higher than we typically offer in one talent point. We think it is. We tried it as a 5 point talent, but that felt awkward because it was one of those where the first talent point expenditure is worth so much more than the additional talent points.
Once the dps numbers are balanced, if we see a lot of Fury warriors skip over Titan's Grip, then we'll know our estimates were off and we'll lower the penalty. I don't predict that will happen, but I make bad predictions sometimes like everyone else.
Thunderclap and threat
The threat on beta was reduced because the damage was increased. Give me some time to a full analysis of the numbers though and I'll post them here. It could be you aren't factoring in something, or it could be we have a math problem somewhere.
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