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WOW power Leveling Add-Ons

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Those leveling guides were good at the time of making, but they required a lot of reading of PDF files and other online site that required the players to constantly ALT +TAB out of the game. This was not comfortable, and also time consuming. That's when Add-ons came into the picture.

We intend to discuss a good Dema of the products which will help you get a general insight of how World of Warcraft power leveling add-ons work.
Add-ons are an addition gaming scripts that a player can add up to his game. As usual these additions  manipulate the interface of the game: change the colors and shapes of certain elements, show text on the screen and so on.
WoW Leveling add-ons function much like Cars GPS function in real life. They put an arrow on the screen next to your character and that arrow directs you to your next quest arena. The leveling add-on will chose the best quest to do next in order to cut down the over all time needed to level, and even give other "short cut" tips such as which spec is recommended for leveling, or when you need to hearth to minimize traveling times.
Some leveling add-ons are manually operated, meaning you get a "task list" to perform and when you finish that task to manually go to the next one, and other are fully automatic, meaning they interact with the WoW quest log, and when you finish a certain task or quest they will automatically jump to the next task on the list, as can be seen in the demo.
Lucky for us these leveling add-ons will work perfectly fine with Death Knights as well, and all offer free updates when WoTLK Comes out, so purchasing one now will actually make a good investment.
But there are some reasons to want to get to end-game as fast as possible.
Players that have already reached the endgame with one character and now are leveling an Alt, so they are bored with the old content. They joined the game and have friends waiting for them in endgame, and they don't feel like leveling for months.
Players that are going to level new main character especially for Wrath of the Lich King, be it a death knight or any other character.
Working people or players with families that don't have much time to spend on WOW, but do want to experience End Game.
All of these and more are valid reasons to want to level as fast as possible, and the first products to make that happen were written leveling guides, basically written archives listing the different quests in the game.

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