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Patch 1.0.4 Update Notes:GUI

Author: inwowgold Source:

When you change your settings and the confirmation dialog box is open, you will now no longer be able to make any changes until you press Yes or No.
Fixed a bug where clicking a link in a chat window would sometimes activate text input for that chat window.
Only "shift+leftclick" now works for getting player info in chat.
All options in video/advanced should have a tooltip (when they are not disabled).
You can now disable buff icon minimizing! Option is found in Interface Options.
You should no longer stop running when opening the map (when using the mouse to move). If you have the map open and want to start running, you should not click on the map!
Remapping hotkeys using ALT and CTRL should work properly again.
Buffs on other characters should now show the correct time remaining when you target the character after the buff has started counting down.
Keybindings on the shortcuts now are more readable. Long shortcuts are truncated, and long combinations will be indicated by a "+".
When you fail to teleport to the same instance as your team, you now get a proper error message.
Player tooltips will no longer show through other windows.
NPC base damage type will now be shown in chat text.
Resizing in windowed mode will no longer cut off the bottom of the screen.
Updated and corrected the map for Khopshef.
Remapping should now work as intended. The order of ALT, SHIFT and CTRL does not matter (e.g. ALT+SHIFT = SHIFT+ALT)
The buff view will no longer report 1 extra unit when the time displayed is exactly what the time really is. (1:00:00 will no longer report as 2h, while 1:00:01 still does).
"Shift + click" to loot is now following the same rules as normal looting.
Potion effects: Chilled, On Fire, and Charged now have new icons.
Loot options have a submenu: one tab with personal preferences which will be used when your character creates a team, and another tab which shows the current team's loot options.
New Loot options: one setting for loot powerlevel (below which loot is auto-distributed), and one personal setting to pass on items below a given powerlevel.
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