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Patch 1.0.4 Update Notes:Mounts

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Quick Dismount will no longer go on cooldown when activated while riding a Mammoth or Rhino, as this ability does not function with these mounts.
Characters should no longer pop below the ground momentarily when dismounting in combat.
Weapons should now appear sooner in the hands of mounted characters that perform attacks without first entering combat mode.
You should not loop the mount/dismount/stagger animation anymore on observer clients (or your own).
Characters should no longer experience rubber-band issues when being thrown off their horse.
You cannot be staggered off your horse while mounting/dismounting anymore.
The death animations for dying while moving forward when mounted should now work properly, while the resurrecting other players who have died this way should be easier.
Players should no longer be able to use their mount's special abilities while stunned.
Cape animations have been adjusted so they no longer intersect with horses while mounted.
The speed of draw/sheathe animations while mounted has been increased.
Fixed male animations for drawing/sheathing crossbows while mounted
When entering a zone where your mount is prohibited, your mount buff is removed, along with its effects.

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