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Patch 1.0.4 Update Notes:Quests

Author: inwowgold Source:

Many grammatical errors and waypoints have been corrected for quests worldwide.
Several new transition quests for level 40 players have been added. Talk to Peison in Old Tarantia, Mmnemnes in Khemi, Conohmer in Conarch, Gern in Lacheish Plains, Thesilea in Poitain, or Dhumib in Purple Lotus.
Atzel's Approach: Kidnapping and Torture: The palisades now have a shorter cooldown.
Castle of King Conan: Fixed looping dialog in the conversation with Pallantides.
Kheshatta: Tarantian Armorsmith: Quest reward items updated to accommodate every class's needs.
Khopshef: Destiny Quest 30, The Phoenix of the South: The goals for the first part of the quest have been clarified. The player will now be required first to gather the entire lotus, then to place it on the altar. The cutscene will play only at this stage.
Khopshef: Redemption Quest, Path of Venom: Scorpions updating the quest is found throughout the play area, removing the necessity of a goal marker radius.
Khopshef: Redemption Quest, Ruthlessness: The 30 heads are now properly removed when the heads are put on the Stone.
Khopshef: Redemption Quest: Redeemer Drak will from now on allow Stygians to redeem themselves in Khopshef, if they want to.
Poitain: Chastising the Spirit Children: Fixed quest so spirit stones will no longer disappear before they should.
Purple Lotus Swamp: Followers of a Crocodile God: The pendants will no longer disappear before they should.
Purple Lotus Swamp: Healing the Wounds of the Swamp: Replaced a goal reference to 'Oasis Water' with the correct 'Moss'.
Thunder River: Keeping the Land Safe: Removed the waypoint, as it covered half the playfield.
Tortage: Destiny Quest Soldier, Awakening III: Some visuals have been added to the cutscene Arrested by Guards.
Wild Lands: Hidden Treasures: Trade has been reduced to 15 items, as intended.
Wild Lands: A Vote's Worth: Quest is no longer shareable.
Wild Lands: Melis Root flowers will no longer float off the ground.
Wild Lands: The Demon in the Tree: This quest now works as intended.
Ymir's Pass: Heart of Atali: Increased the powerlevel of the necklace reward, and increased the variety of neck-item options.
Ymir's Pass: Gaze of Crom: The progress bar for laying the Rabbit Snare, and the snare itself, will now have the appropriate name. You will now receive a more logical quest reward.
Ymir's Pass: The Twisted Skein: Renamed the Ancient Dagger quest reward to Preternatural Dagger.
Ymir's Pass: The Calm before the Storm: Removed a waymarker that only led to confusion.

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