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Patch 1.0.4 Update Notes:Tradeskills

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The minimap will now update a resource node's icon if it is being used by a player.
The result items of tradeskill recipes now display a stack size if they produce more than one item.
You should now always see the correct "Tradeskills" category for quests in your quest journal.
Black Soulstaff, Mottled Cane, and Stygian Deathcoil Vesture recipes items should teach you the correct recipes.
When players remove tradeskills, other feats/spells will not be affected anymore.
Chopping wood should now take the same amount of time as other harvesting skills.
If you unlearn a tradeskill, the cooldown will always be removed.
New Woodcutter recipes are now dropping from the following bosses: Vanir Shaman, Diabolist Aino, Metir-Phumon, Occultist Codril-Kau, Crazed Troglodyte Chief, and Atzel General.
Gemcutting: You should now always have your quest update, without zoning first, after creating a gem. You should also always be able to create gems without zoning first.
Weaponsmith: Moonsteel Steel Dart goal name is now Moonsteel Throwing Knife.
Fixed an issue that was causing base, culture and alchemist recipes to drop less than the intended rates
Inventory icons for dropped recipes have been upgraded.
Cleaned up a few minor cases where alchemy mats removed in update 3 were dropping when they shouldn't have.
Fixed dropped rates of some tradeskill resources that were dropping too frequently.
Some recipes were not properly requiring the following resources: "Ebony Venom" "Tincture of Bergamot" "Tincture of Mint." The correct recipes now require these materials.
A new recipe is now dropping in Xibaluku. It allows alchemists to craft a potion that players may use to dissolve socketed gems, destroying the gem but freeing the slot.

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