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Warhammer Online Dungeon Guide

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Warhammer Online Dungeon Guide
Gunbad Tunnels
The Gunbad Tunnels consist of three wings, and are suitable for a group of 6 characters between 23rd and 27th level.
Entrance location
The entrance to the Gunbad Tunnels is in the northwestern portion of the Badlands.
Night Goblins, considered to be mad by most civilized peoples, infest the tunnels of Mount Gunbad like deranged parasites. In their delving, the Goblins have discovered many amazing funguses, yet they have also uncovered the remnants of the Mourkain Necromancers. In this sense, the Gunbad Tunnels have been made even more dangerous, and woe betides the adventurers who dare to enter the dark place.
Bastion Stair
Bastion Stair consists of three wings, and is suitable for a group of 6 characters between 33rd and 39th level.
Entrance location
Any who wish to enter the Bastion Stair must risk madness and search for it within the Chaos Wastes.
The Bastion Stair is a place of Chaos, stained with the blood of countless dead. It is the domain of Khorne, otherwise known as the Blood God and the Skull Lord. The winds that eddy forth from the Stair carry with them the stench of death and decay, a terrible reminder of the fate that awaits the unskilled or unwary.
There is rumored to be a corrupting rift within the Bastion Stair that is open to the realms of Chaos, but few have returned to put the legends to rest.
Warpblade Tunnels the Warpblade Tunnels are suitable for a group of 6 level 40 characters.
Entrance location
There are many entrances into the Warpblade Tunnels, and these can be found within the basements of the Blowhole Tavern and the Reikland Arms by inquisitive or foolish adventurers.
The Skaven that swarm beneath Altdorf are an infestation that goes largely unnoticed by the surface-dwellers. Not only do they hold sway in the city's sewers, they are also lords of the Warplade Tunnels -- a twisting and turning complex of caverns that stretch deep below the city and into areas best left unexplored. The members of the Warpblade clan squeak and chitter in the eldritch light cast by veins of Warpstone. They are wary and vigilant, and they do not suffer intruders to live.
Bloodwrought Enclave
The Bloodwrought Enclave is suitable for a group of 6 level 40 characters.
Entrance location
The Bloodwrought Enclave can be found within the Undercroft of the Inevitable City. The screams of pain, shouts of battle, and clash of steel can be heard long before one approaches the Enclave's front entrance.
War never ends within the Bloodwrought Enclave. Barakus the Godslayer sees to this, for he has ever been a loyal servant of Khorne. Even when he was a mere mortal, Barakus thirsted for spilled blood like a ravening beast, and his hunger for battle was never truly sated. Now he is cursed to remain within the Enclave, eternally tormented and eternally at arms.

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