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WoW Warlock Leveling Talent Build

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   Warlock, unlike other classes, the talent trees are verstile enough to be useful in leveling, end-game PvE and PvP. Though, with a particular role, each will fit in better than the other. But unlike a Priest, or a Druid getting a different talent build for your Warlock won't change your role and your playing style in PvE or PvP, it will just change the way you approach a fight and the way you use your new found strengths. Let's begin with a few Warlock leveling builds, then we'll pass on to PvE and PvP builds at level 70.
   Wanting to get to know Warlock leveling talent build, you should be familiar with Affliction, Demonology and Destruction. Let us take a quick look at them at first.
On the hand the affliction tree is considered by many as the best for leveling Warlocks because it offers endless abilities to regenerate even in mid-fight, heavily reducing downtimes.
Anyways, here's how an affliction talent build could look like:
Levels 10-14 – Improved Corruption (5/5)
Levels 15-19 – Improved Drain Soul(2/2), Soul Siphon (2/2), Improved Life Tap (1/2)
Level 20 – Amplify Curse(1/1)
Levels 21-25 – Improved Curse of Agony (2/2), Improved Life Tap (2/2), Suppression (2/5)
Levels 26-27 – Grim Reach (2/2)
Levels 28-30 - Empowered Corruption (3/3)
Levels 31-32 - Nightfall (2/2)
Level 33 - Siphon Life (1/1)
Levels 34-35 - Suppression (4/5)
Levels 36-40 - Shadow Weaving (5/5)
Level 41 - Dark Pact (1/1)
Levels 42-46 - Contagion (5/5)
Levels 47-48 - Improved Howl of Terror (2/2)
Level 49 - Curse of Exhaustion (1/1)
Level 50 - Unstable Affliction (1/1)
Levels 51-55 - Improved Shadowbolt (5/5)
Levels 56-60 - Bane (5/5)
Level 61 - Shadowburn (1/1)
Levels 62-66 - Demonic Embrace (5/5)

On the other hand, being a DoT based talent spec, fights will take longer. So you'll have to decide for yourself if Affliction is wrapped around your playing style, or you're more the "nuke'em down" type of player. If you go this way, your first target is the Dark Pact talent.
Note that if you can live without Dark Pact for some levels, you could go for Shadowburn earlier. Depending on your gear, you could also choose to put points in Demonic Embrace earlier, to get the Stamina bonus, but it's a lot more effective at higher levels.
Your pet becomes an important factor when solo leveling, and Demonology is the best way to buff him. Eithet you are able to go for Summon Felguard, the 41 point talent, which is a great grinding and leveling pet, or you could just settle down for Demonic Sacrifice and level without a pet, using this talent's bonus in conjunction with Affliction or Destruction.

Levels 10-11 – Improved Healthstone (2/2)
Levels 12-14 - Demonic Embrace (3/5)
Levels 15-16 - Improved Health Funnel (2/2)
Levels 17-19 - Improved Voidwalker (3/3)
Level 20 - Fel Domination (1/1)
Levels 21-23 - Fel Stamina (3/3)
Level 24 - Fel Intellect (1/3)
Levels 25-26 - Master Summoner (2/2)
Levels 27-29 - Unholy Power (3/5)
Level 30 - Demonic Sacrifice (1/1)
Levels 31-32 - Unholy Power (5/5)
Levels 33-34 - Fel Intellect (3/3)
Levels 35-39 - Master Demonologist (5/5)
Level 40 - Soul Link (1/1)
Levels 41-43 - Demonic Knowledge (3/3)
Level 44 - Demonic Resilience (1/3)
Levels 45-49 - Demonic Tactics (5/5)
Level 50 - Summon Felguard (1/1) 

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