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WoW Warlock Leveling Talent Build

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You can go with either Affliction or Destruction as secondary trees for Demonology, aiming for some nuke ability with Shadowbolt and Shadowburn in destruction and Empowered Corruption/Nightfall in Affliction. When you start investing points in these trees is entirely up to you, although getting the Felguard early on is great.
The Destruction tree is all about nuking and high number crits, so if you're not the type of player patient enough to cope with the slow killing rate of Affliction builds, then Destruction is for you.
Your main leveling spells will be Shadowbolt, Immolate, Searing Pain and Shadowburn and you'll have to aim for the latter as soon as possible. After Shadowburn, your next target is Ruin, for the increased crit damage and beyond that is entirely up to you, but I'd recommend Conflagrate.

Levels 10-14 – Improved Shadowbolt (5/5)
Levels 15-19 – Bane (5/5)
Level 20 – Shadowburn (1/1)
Levels 21-25 – Devastation (5/5)
Levels 26-27 - Destructive Reach (2/2)
Levels 28-29 - Improved Searing Pain (2/3)
Level 30 - Ruin (1/1)
Level 31 - Improved Searing Pain (3/3)
Levels 32-36 - Improved Immolate (5/5)
Levels 37-39 - Emberstone (3/5)
Level 40 - Conflagrate (1/1)
Levels 41-42 - Emberstone (5/5)
Levels 43-45 - Backlash (3/3)
Levels 46-50 - Shadow and Flame (5/5)
Level 51 - Shadowfury (1/1)

Additionally, these Destruction build spells, you can go for the Tier 1 Demonology Improved Healthstone (2/2) and Demonic Embrace (5/5), with the latter taken at higher levels, since the Stamina % will really count then. In Affliction, take Improved Corruption (5/5) to make it instant, Improved Life Tap (2/2), Soul Siphon (2/2) and Suppression (1/5) with the last two points spent in Amplify Curse (1/1) and Suppression (2/5) or Improved Curse of Agony (1/2).
That is all about the Warlock leveling talent build, as above, we hope those information we make mention of will beneficial and useful for all of you play as a Warlock in World of Warcraft.

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