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World of Warcraft Alchemy Guide 1-450

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Levels 350-400 Grand Master Alchemy

The next step for 350-375 is to learn the Major Dream Sleepless Potion.
You will now need to make 25 Major Dream Sleepless Potion and can still be a Master Alchemist.  You will need 25 Dreaming Glory, 25 Nightmare Vine and 25 Imbued Vial
Make sure you learn Grand Master Alchemy and pick up the following recipes from a Grand Master Alchemy Trainer.  To be a Grand Master Alchemist you have to be level 65.
375-385 one must create 10 Guru's Elixir.  You will need 30 Pygmi oil and 10 Imbued Vial.
At 385 to 395 you will want to make 10 Elixir of Mighty Strength.  You will need 20 Tiger Lily and 10 Imbued Vial.
At 395 Elixir of Mighty Agility becomese orange and you will want to make 10 until 405.  You will need 20 GoldClover, 20 Adder's Tongue and 10  Imbued Vial.
There are other items you can create as there are many new recipes, but the ones listed start at orange so you get the most bang for your buck.

Levels 400-450 Grand Master Alchemy

Remember at 400 you can start Northrend Alchemy Research.  A nice addition to WotLK
405-410 should be crafting 5 Runic Healing Potions.  You will need 5 Goldclover, 10 Icethorn and 5 more Imbued Vial.
From 410-425 the smartest choice is 15 Runic Mana Potions.  For this you need 15 Goldclover, 30 Icethorn and 15 Imbued Vial.
For 425-435 you will want to create 10 Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond.  For this you will need 10 Dark Jade, 10 Huge Citrine and 10 Eternal Fire.
From 435-450 there are a few choices you can create.  The one with the fewest items needed is Flask of the Frost Wyrm.   Create 15 of these using 75 Icethorn, 75 Lichbloom, 15 Frost Lotus and 15 Enchanted Vials.
Additional Alchemy Tips: For Grand Master Alchemy it is recommended that you have herbalism at a decent level as it might be hard to find the items you need on AH.  
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