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World of Warcraft's Raids, Revamped

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The Eye of Eternity

This special zone is composed almost entirely of magic, and it's the realm of the blue dragon Malygos, the master of Azeroth's magic. His blue dragonflight was all but decimated during the War of the Ancients, and Malygos has only recently begun to regain his sanity. It'll take an organized raid to actually take down one of the five main dragon aspects... although it was revealed at the panel that players will get a little bit of timely help from the red dragonflight.

Stockton told attendees that Malygos was such a central part of the World of Warcraft lore that the team went "completely all out" with creating him and his raid encounter. It showed in the art: During the demo we watched Malygos take flight around a platform suspended in space, manipulating the forces of magic all around him and taunting the players. His blue translucent wings glowed with their own shimmering light. This raid showcases all of the new technology incorporated into Lich King, so defeating Malygos will involve a complicated multi-stage battle featuring the vehicle system and even destructable gold site


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