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Priest Level 70 Build

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In the World of Warcraft, the Priests consist of Holy Priest, Discipline Priest and Shadow Priest. Here we will want to talk about the Priest level 70 build. That is to say, we'll make mention of this content in detail. See below:
   Holy priests are famous for their various healing spells and the protective shields, which make them the favorite healers for many people. While the traditional role of a Priest is healing, Shadow Priests who dish out significant single-target Damage Per Second and provide mana regeneration for the whole party are also a commonsight for end-game raids. And also Shadow Priests do very well in PvP. The Discipline tree helps the mana threshold, thus it complements both Holy and Shadow. In addition to powerful healing and single-target damage, Priests can also supply players with helpful buffs. 
   A common build that complements a Priest with a deep holy build. It gets a useful caster buff of Divine Spirit with Improved Divine Spirit and sacrifices Circle of Healing and healing bonuses. A guild with two Priests raiding together will likely prefer one of them to have this build. Still a capable tank healer and raid healer. Not much changes when going from Circle of Healing to obtaining Improved Divine Spirit, except for that Silent Resolve may not be of much use, as untanked targets will aggro from healing, regardless of how many points into Silent Resolve you may have.
To be honest, taking the two points out of Holy Specialisation into Spell Warding. Crit percentage may be nice, and a well-timed crit heal may seem satisfying, but the Priest class was not meant to effectively take advantage of crit, as can be seen by our class mechanics and itemization. The damage a Priest receives in a typical raid environment is likely spell damage, thus Spell Warding is effectively a percent boost to Stamina, per point.
Taking one point out of Healing Prayers and putting the last point into Spiritual Guidance. This is generally not recommended, as Prayer of Mending should be cast often, and its mana costs can add up. Also, the mana cost reduction to Prayer of Healing is very desirable. As a rule of thumb, if Prayer of Healing was cast at least once in a boss encounter, then it was worth it.
To large scale, Inspiration may be skipped and used to max out Spell Warding or Holy Specialization, it is wise to have Inspiration available to you in a raid situation, whether the raid is heavy on Restoration Shamans or not.
Using both the Improved Divine Spirit and Power Infusion talents, these Priests can improve the performance of any caster in the raid dramatically. This combined boost of spell damage and healing can boost a raid's DPS or healing dynamically as required during raid engagements.
Improved Decursing -Decreased mana cost of decursing spells, combined with a larger mana bank make these priests decursing machines. When facing one of those pesky raid bosses or even trash, who take a fancy to debuffing the entire raid or large portions of it, these Priests prove to be a valuable asset.
Due to the Holy damage not being subject to resistance, the build provides enormous and reliable damage. In addition, the Priest retains their ability to heal, making them useful as a healer and DPS. The downsides are the lack of possible damage sustainabilityand utility. Unlike the shadow tree, which allows a Priest a consistent andefficient damage output, the Smiter is able to quickly deal large amounts of holy damage.

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