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Zone Upgrades In Wrath of the Lich King

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Reward: Experience.
"Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade: Frambert"
After completing the first two quests in this series, The Sarge sends you on another mission. He asks you to smash the alarms. The first alarm is found in the first marketplace area in a building (loc +125, +12, -108). The second alarm is found in the second open marketplace area in a building on the third floor (loc +193 ,+23 , -112). Both alarms look like globes on stands. 
Reward: Experience.
"Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade: The Sarge"
The final quest in the series given by The Sarge, you are finally asked to find out what happened to Tippytoe. Tippytoe's skeleton is found up inside the spider cave next to a level 24 named spider (loc +18, +46, -253). Inspect his remains, then inspect the small box next to him, then return to The Sarge. 
Reward: Experience and a gnomish decoder ring.
"Lost Friend in Fallen Gate": Logan Belchbottom, found just as you enter the Fallen Gate, has lost his friend Mr. Burpbelly and wishes for you to find him. Mr Burpbelly is found as a skeleton in a pot off of the room with the gluttons and feasters (loc -129, -11, -207). 
Reward: Experience and necklace.
There are several quests that initiate with dropped items off of mobs. I'll be sure to give you full credit!
Solo Opportunities
The Fallen Gate is a dungeon, and as such, it's not really meant for solo play. The first room upon entering has single up solo mobs, around level 18-20. Beyond that room, all mobs are heroic.
Group Opportunities
This zone is a group's dream come true. Packed full of heroic mobs, and plenty of named mobs, there really isn't a place within the Fallen Gate that isn't good for grouping.

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