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Zone Upgrades In Wrath of the Lich King

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An Intriguing Eye: There is a pile of books behind Merchant Adair Barnes. First you'll need to kill Bloodsaber Meddler's until you get an update. It may take a bit. Afterwards, head to Baubbleshire to speak to Gornit Penwiggle. He's in the inn. He'll ask you to kill Coiled Burrowers and Rabid Shrillers back in the Down Below. Return to him when you're done and you'll be sent to Proprietor Blagard in the Starcrest Commune. He'll send you to Constable Arathur in Nettleville Hovel (tired of running around yet? I am). He'll ask you to kill the Fallen Noble (-172, -11) in The Down Below. Head back a few rooms to the hand statue (-144, -73) and click that to enter the instance Crow's Resting Place.
An Ancient Scepter: This quest is started by a tarnished scepter which drops off of forgotten souls. Examine the scepter. Walk into the room with the Rotting Royals and Citizens (-184, -16). You're done and will get a nice ring for level 9.
Qeynos Catacombs Creature Catalog: This quest is triggered from a book purchased in the South Qeynos mage tower (Sage Indis). You'll find the following creatures in the Down Below: Rabid Shriller, Tomb Forager, Crepper Protector, Rotting Royal, Putrid Vermin.
Rat Man Blood Crusader: This quest begins in Graystone Yard with Watcher Curmogliel Kar'Thal who wants you to kill 4 bloodsabers in the Down Below. Return to him when you're done for a little cash.
Valean's Stolen Books: This quest begins with Innkeeper Valean in Castleview Hamlet. You simply need to head to the downbelow and find the stolen books. Stand over the stack of books at -10, 0 and return to the Innkeeper for your choice of a weapon reward.
Lore and Legend: Both Zombie and Skeleton Lore and Legend updates can be gotten in this zone. For information about how to start these head to our Lore and Legend guide.
Grouping and Soloing
This zone consists entirely of solo content so it works out if you're duoing or looking to do it alone. This is a learning zone, where you'll hone you combat skills and prepare yourselves for the dangers of Antonica. With no heroics and no nameds to speak of, this is a nice slow going zone perfect for the casual or solo player. It's also where all the poo goes.
Soloing around this level should be fairly easy and I can't imagine you'd spend more than a few hours here, but the work that went into it is obvious and it's a great place to level. Our wow power leveling and wow gold are very cheap.

The Nektulos Forest Zone:Nektulos Forest has long since been a hunting grounds for lower level adventurers who dare to brave the dark and gloomy expanse of trees and hidden danger. It is still plague with the undead, angry dark elves, and mean little woodland creatures that are very willing to sneak up when you don't expect it and whoop your rear!
Traveling through Nektulos Forest isn't as discouraging as it used to be, but it is still better for lower level players to stick to the paths when trying to make their way to the dock from the Commonlands.
Minimum Level
This zone is best suited for levels 20-30 for either solo or group play. If you stay near the Commonlands zone in, you can find something to do in your late teens.
Connecting Zones


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