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Zone Upgrades In Wrath of the Lich King

Author: Nicholas Source:

Through the docks:
Isle of Mara, This takes you to the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack.
Thundering Steppes, a level 20-30 overland zone.
Enchanted Lands, a 30-40 level overland zone.
Lavastorm, a level 30-40ish overland zone.
Butcherblock Mountains, A boat will take you to the Echoes of Faydwer expansion pack zones.
Obelisk of Lost Souls, a level 35-50 heroic dungeon.
Nektropos Castle, a level 30-40+ heroic dungeon.
The Commonlands, a level 10-20 overland zone.
D'Morte Burial Chambers, for the adventure pack The Bloodline Chronicles.
Cauldron Hallow, a raid zone.
Haven, home of the exiles.
There are a lot of quests in Nektulos Forest. Most can be found near the Commonland zone in, the docks, and the camps up by Soul Eater Falls. I will highlight some of the quests here.
Kleron's Armor Quests (level 20) and Kleron in Nektulos Forest, found along the southeastern path, gives tasks in which you may gain pieces of armor. These are pretty useful pieces if you are low on coin and play solo too often to get better dropped gear.
Leggings: Legs from the nearby dusk leapers. These are all over the rocks across from Kleron. Then you will need owlbear feathers from the ash owlbears that are just up the path..
Helmet: First search The Pot for pirates. The Pot is found up the path, north from Kleron. Then to Mound Lake, found directly north of Kleron. Then to Black Water Lake, found north of Mound Lake. Finally, you will need to kill mistgrinnins until you get an auto-update. I found these mobs along the river going towards Soul Eater Falls.
Earring: Collect from the rancid roots around Nektulos Forest. Once you have ten of those, you'll need to kill immense tree snakes. These guys are found north of the beach path coming from the docks, near the D'Morte Burial Chambers. The you will need to gather from the polluted natural gardens around the forest.
Kleron Quest Rewards
Shoes: Collect skins from the kodiak, these are all over, north of Kleron. Then you will need shadowmen. These can be found in isolated areas, but the most and likely easiest to spot, are those near the Obelisk of Lost Souls. After you've gathered the required materials, take them to the mushroom found just behind the citadel behind D'Morte.
Wristguards: Kill dusk darts found in the water by the dock. Then head out to Behmouth Pond to scout the area. Then you will never to kill skeletons. I tried a variety of them, and all worked, including the lower level ones near Commonlands zone in. Finally you will need rumbleroot saplings, and these are found up the path from Kleron.
Ring: This quest wasn't offered until I completed all the rest. First, grab a special poison from the mushroom at the bottom of N'Mar's Ascent. Then you will need crabs from the beach, near the dock. You will need to take out Nerius dockhands. These are spawns in the camp, and you may have to kill the other pirates in camp to get them to spawn. After running down the Beach path, you'll need to harvest from eventide stones to find a black sapphire. Then run back to the beach and slay the Nerius mobs, any will do! You finally return to Kleron for the last time!
Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians: This is the heritage quest for the shiny brass halberd. Please find the write up for this short and sweet heritage quest here. [by the way ,wow gold here]
Important Quests Related to Nektulos Forest
The Journey is Half the Fun: This is the heritage quest for journeyman's boots.
Hadden's Earring: Heritage quest for the fishbone earring.
Restoring Goulbane: Heritage quest for goulbane
Collection Quests for Nektulos Forest and more can be found here.
Lore and Legend Quests, such as those for skeletons and shadowmen, can be found here.
And don't miss out on the many language quests in which you can work on!


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