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Zone Upgrades In Wrath of the Lich King

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Soloing Opportunities
Early on, it is likely best to stick close to the Commonlands zone in. On either side of the river, you will find shrillers, spiders, and skeletons that are all about level 20, these make for good soloing in your upper teens.
For your mid to upper 20, the Thexian camp and surrounding areas are great. This area is found on the middle eastern part of your map, just off of the path from the West Bear Cave.
It is truly hard to not find a good solo spot in Nektulos. The zone is just so big and full of content, that if you step off the path in any given location, you will find soloable mobs.
Grouping Opportunities
At the lower levels, a nice spot for groups is with the owlbears found in the southeastern part of the zone. These are clustered together and range from about level 23-25 heroic.
Higher level heroics can be found behind D'Morte Burial Chambers, at the small citadel. You'll find level 29ish heroic skeletons in this area.
For mid to upper 20s, the grounds in front of Nektropos Castle works the best. Unfortunately, I don't find Nektulos Forest to be the greatest zone for group play. Recent zone changes have placed heroic content in harder to reach and out of the way areas. The shining group draw for this zone is Nektropos Castle, which is a level 30-40ish heroic zone.

The Enchanted Lands Zone :Enchanted Lands is a place of wonder, exciting vistas, and numerous dangers and challenges. The varied terrain and huge array of mobs guarantees that your sojourn in this part of the Shattered Lands will not be boring. There are many quests to accomplish here and in adjoining zones with varying rewards. EL itself is divided into sections, among them Gobland, Far Shire, South Mist, and Fay Shire. But the primary division comes from a high wall called the Great Guard. This wall is open in several spots for passage through. On the east side of the wall is the southeastern section, including the docks, the fay isle, the entrance to Rivervale, the Bobick lost village grounds, the beetle hill, the broken wizard spires, and various lower level mobs. Beyond the wall the more dangerous mobs roam, notably goblins, lamias, twisted fairies, and nightbloods. Also the entrance to Runnyeye is located north of the docks beyond the wall.
Adjoining zones
The Enchanted Lands are reached from the Nektulos Forest dock where there is a bell leading to EL. Once in EL, you can access Rivervale (-333, -277) and Runnyeye (88, -909), which pose more of a challenge.Our wow gold site has more news about it. There are also several of the small instanced dungeons in the zone. Finally, a portal to the Obelisk of Lost Souls will sometimes be available in the Nightblood Tower. 


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