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Zone Upgrades In Wrath of the Lich King

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Creepers level 36 aggro; some heroic
Runnyeye goblins levels 35-36 aggro; some heroic
Lamias levels 36-38 most aggro; some heroic
Evil eyes level 37 aggro; some heroic
Shoal serpents level 37
Nightbloods levels 39-40 aggro; some heroic
Scarecrows level 39 aggro
Nymphs level 38 aggro
Roekillik level 38 non aggro
Muckfins level 34
Bears level 35-38 most aggro
Trout level 34 non aggro
Sirens levels 32-33 aggro
The Sludge Creep level 39
Chomper level 39
The Enchanted Lands, along with Rivervale and Runnyeye, has a sought-after collection quest for maple leaves which when turned in yield a large collector's pouch, a 24-slot bag. The local coin finds are coins of Rivervale; these are found in RV and RE as well. Also found in this zone are Pristine, Shiny and Glowing Shards, and Unscathed and Enchanted bone fragments. Common node spawns are near the fairies and wizard spires or by the beetles.

Obelisk of Lost Souls Zone:Obelisk of Lost Souls is a dark and forgotten place located seemingly between worlds. There are entrances in Antonica, Commonlands, Nektulos Forest, Thunderring Steppes, and Zek, which will require you to kill three groups of creatures. A fixed entrance is located in the Feerrott, near the Tower of Vul.
The Obelisk of Lost Souls is made up of sections. If you enter through the Feerrott entrance, then you will only have access to a portion. Two access quests must be done to be able to go through the doors in the main room.
 Once inside, there is a skeleton on the ground with a scroll next to him. Clicking the scroll will give you the first of the access quests.
Obelisk consists of 3 rather confusing levels. It's very much like running through a maze. The upper levels are filled mostly with shadowed men, Nightbloods, undead, and evil eyes. This is a great place to come to get those L&L books done!
The lower level, accessable once the two access quests have been done, consists primarily of undead, iron sentinels, and some lamias
To gain entrance into the 3rd lowest level, you need to find the Keeper of Nihility (loc +48, +566, +450). You will be attacked by 2 groups of mobs, one right after the other, before the Keeper becomes attackable. Once the Keeper has been defeated, a door will open behind where he stood, and this will lead to a portal that will take you to the lowest level.
Minimum Level:
The Obelisk is a dungeon zone is intended for groups, levels 35-50. The majority of the mobs in zone are heroic encounters, with many being triple up arrow mobs. The deeper you go within the Obelisk, the higher level the mobs.
Side note regarding Zygoth the Watcher, he is a mean mob with quite a bit of health. He's a level 39 heroic encounter, but tougher than your typical level 39 mob.
Connecting Zones:
Nektulos Forest
The Ferrott
Zones Within The Obelisk
The Vestibule
Entrance Into the Obelisk
Slay 4 named mobs within the zone.
Soul Harvester Kul (-18, +615, +406)
Soul Harvester Na (-35, +632, +319)
Soul Harvester Zej (+134, +639, +399)
Soul Harvester Gron (+107, +630, +251)

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