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Zygor FAST Leveling Guide!

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Leveling you character is very complicated process in world of warcraft. We all know that everyone wants to upgade their level fast, so many players can not wait to see the guide to help them to get them desired levels. Many players need several month or even years to get to level 70. But what if you don't want to waste all your time playing wow so much but you still want to get to level 70 and be better than your wow friends or enemies? Than you should use special wow leveling guides which will help you to get to level 70 as fast as possible. That's why I picked up Zygor Guide so that I could maximize my efficiency while leveling, so that I can keep up with friends who have more time to play. In this article I will tell you more about this guide and its main features.
If you are looking for some solid information on fast wow power leveling and you want to plunk down the dollars, you should take a look at Zygor Guide.
Are there some guides useful and beneficial? Here is a guide named Zygor guide which is available for the newly released World Of Warcraft Expansion pack WotLK. Now the Guide in itself will take your leveling, to unrecognised heights, but there are quite a few things that you can do to help the process along. By adding and following these few tips you will shave even more off your leveling time.
First and foremost, never waste your time traveling to the bank or auction house. Make yourself, what is called a bank character, don't level him up get him out of his starter area and to a city and just locate him between the bank and the Auction house. Supply him with goods that you do not require and he can sell via auction house and make sure he has gold so that you can then makes purchases from the Auction house for your main. Then simply mail these items to your main character. This will save you an immense amount of time.
Secondly, send everything that you do not need to carry to your bank character. This frees up your bags and also saves you having to return to a city or town to empty your bags. It is better for you to get the biggest set of bags you can as soon as possible. 16 slotters should be top of your list of things to get, while your following Zygors Guide your gonna be getting a lot of loot.
Thirdly, make sure that everytime you visit a city that you have no skills that require leveling up. If any can be levelled then do it in the meanwhile there to save on wasted time traveling. And also it ensures that you start saving for a mount from day one and aquire them at the appropriate times. However if for instance your a Shaman don't worry about getting your first mount, 2/2 Ghostwolf form is not that much slower (5% to be exact).
Fourthly, believe it or not, it is fit for you to log out in a tavern all the way. You aquire what is called rested XP. If it is viable and does not involve you traveling to far you can log out in a cities tavern, here you receive 4x rested XP bonus. Just a note here sometimes it is not viable to log out in a tavern. This happens when the time it takes to travel to and from the tavern out weighs the rested XP aquired. But as a rule, you normally log out in a tavern.
The last, to the point, don't take a gathering skill, some don't even loot. I myself don't do this but the amount of time you can save by not looting or gathering is huge. However the downside is you can miss lots of goodies, so it's a choice you have to make. This is viable to do when at the lower levels but to be honest you can miss some really awsome drops once you start to get higher up the tree. Another thing is don't group. Keep your leveling a solo affair. I have only grouped up with people while using Zygor Guides 1 to 80 Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide.
For many people, playing World of Warcraft can find a way to level faster is a shortcut. So the above-mentioned Zygor guide is beneficial and useful for all of you.

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