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Guide to Moneymaking!

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There are many ways to make money on Runescape Fishing and cooking And selling at the wilderness but i siggest Mining. At a fairly low level you can mine Rune Essensce (the source of all Rune stones)but first you must complete quest . The Rune mysteries quest it is simple but requires alot backward and forth movements.Rune Essensce sells for about 30 gp each but is very quick to mine. If you go to the Rune shop you can teleport and mine then come back and go to the bank 15 secs away. Different Pickaxes have different mining times. Here is a table

Bronze Pickaxe = 10 hits
Iron Pickaxe = 8 hits
Steel Pickaxe = 6 hits
Mithril Pickaxe = 5 hits
Adamant Pickaxe = 3 hits
Rune Pickaxe = 2 hits

Another way of making money is by mining coal though you can only mine coal at level 30.

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