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Pet Rocks in Runescape

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You must have reached a certain stage in The Fremennik Trials to get a pet rock.
With all of the maintenance required of cats, and the fact that all a fish does is swim around in circles, you might find a more exciting pet in the chilly lands of the Fremennik Province: a pet rock. This dutiful and affectionate pet can provide hours of entertainment, as well as making a decent weapon if you're in a bind.

Taking care of your pet rock
The pet rock is an undemanding pet that seems to feed simply on the sense of satisfaction it gets from being owned by someone. As a result, you do not need to provide it with food or exercise.

Things to do with your rock
To see what you can do with your rock, click on it to select 'Interact'. This will bring up the following list of options:
Selecting one of these options will enable you to merrily entertain yourself with this most excellent pet's company. You'll be pleased to note that playing fetch or telling it to 'stay' will result in a nice animation so your friends can observe you being a caring owner.

Famous rocks from around RuneScape

The Ancient Rock
Given that you get your first pet rock from one of the Fremennik, it's no real surprise that the people of the Mountain Camp in the east of the Fremennik Province worship this large and ancient stone. This rock is truly ancient, and it's entirely possible that your own pet rock could be descended from this venerable (if quiet) individual.

Dondakan's Rock
No one can claim to have met a harder rock than this one. You'll encounter it and its defiant ways in the Between a Rock quest. After all these years, the dwarf and the rock must have some kind of love-hate relationship-something you and your pet rock should never need to worry about.

The Falador Rocks
No one knows where these rocks came from, or who painted the silly symbols over their magnificent rocky grey color. They sit mysteriously north of Falador, perplexing everyone who encounters them.

The Golem
Okay, so the Golem isn't technically a rock: he's clay. Still, he is the chattiest of the stony inhabitants of RuneScape, so he deserves a mention. If you're keen to have a chat with a stone, you should start The Golem.

The Slagilith
Not every rock you encounter will be as friendly or as charming as your pet rock, and the slagilith is the perfect example of this. When you encounter it in One Small Favor you should be ready for a rumble.

Rock Crabs
A few beasts around RuneScape take advantage of the good reputation of the rock to deceive their prey. The rock crab is possibly the best known of these, and any good rock aficionado should be able to tell the difference between the humble and generous rock and the vicious and deceitful rock crab.

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