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Runescape Construction Overview

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Construction is a very flexible skill, you use it to help build your very own house or make items to sell to other players. Building a good quality house with Construction is not only fun and easy, but also beneficial to a variety of other skills.
Starting out from the Estate Agent
The Estate Agent's location To first build a house, you will need to buy a plot of land. To do this, you need to visit the Estate Agent in Varrock and pay him 1,000 coins.
The exact location of the Estate Agent is shown to the right, he can sell you a house, magically re-decorate your house, or move its location.
If you are stuck, he also provides a useful book to guide you through the processes.
Rimmington portal location As your construction level increases, you will notice that the Estate Agent can provide more involved services.
Now that you have bought your house, you probably want to visit it and start building!
Your first house is located in Rimmington, south-west of Falador.
When you have selected the option it is likely you will see the screen to the right. This screen means the game is loading your house, or the house you are visiting.
Welcome to the house you have purchased! It isn't much yet, just a garden and one room, but with a limit of 30 rooms, you will easily be able to build a mansion!
Please note: If you die in your house, you will spawn outside the portal, retaining all of your items.
Building a house
The House Options interface To start building your house, it is essential that you are in building mode. If you didn't enter your house in building mode, use the controls tab, select 'House Options' and set building mode to 'On'. If you have a bank PIN, you will be prompted to enter it here.
When in building mode, you will see that there are many items in the room that are semi-transparent, these are refered to as Hotspots. Wherever there is a hotspot, there is a possibility of building a room, or furniture for a room.
When you have decided what you want to build, go to your chosen hotspot and right-click it. You will see the 'Build' option. Building on door hotspots will give the option of making a new room.
When you select the 'Build' option, you will see a 'Furniture Creation Menu' appear. A creation menu for the chair hotspot is shown below. This menu displays the items that can be constructed here, and what Construction level you will need to make it, as well as the items you will need.
A furniture creation menu Nails work slightly differently from other materials. You will sometimes find you break nails, especially if you have a low Construction level, so you may need to bring more nails than the furniture requires. Nails made of stronger metals will break less frequently. As you can see from the menu image to the left, with higher level planks you will not need nails as you construct the item differently, using joints.
You can remove a piece of furniture if you wish to build something else in the same space. To do this, right-click on it and select 'Remove'. You will not get any of the materials back. Some pieces of furniture can be upgraded to better pieces of furniture without having to remove them first.
To build a new room, you must use one of the door hotspots at the edges of rooms or garden squares. Right-click on it and select 'Build'. This will bring up a list of rooms. Different rooms cost different amounts of gold and have different Construction level requirements. If you select 'Build' on a door hotspot that already leads to a room, you will be asked whether you want to delete that room. You can have up to 30 rooms in your house.
For constructing most items of furniture, your material resource will be planks. Planks come in a few varieties, increasing in quality: wood, oak, teak and mahogany. To find out about planks, it is advised you visit the Sawmill Operator. Aside from planks, he also sells saws, cloth and nails.
During your normal construction you'll find that having a selection of basic materials will make your building work go much more smoothly and you'll have your home looking warm and welcoming in no time at all. These materials are all standard materials used in Smithing and Crafting so you'll find them easy to acquire and include: limestone bricks, bolts of cloth, soft clay, molten glass and iron and steel bars.
When your Construction level gets higher, you may want to look into obtaining marble blocks, gold leaf, or even magic building crystals. These are sold by the Stonemason, found in Keldagrim.
House Controls
With it, the access to your house or your friends' houses can be controlled.
Locking the portal
When you are in your house, you can simply right-click your entrance portal, and select 'Lock portal'. Locking the portal denies everyone access to your house. To unlock, simply right-click again and select the option.
Private Chat/Friends List
You can also control access with your friends list/private chat options. If your private chat is set to 'On', then anyone can come into your house. If your private chat is set to 'Friends only' then only players on your friends list will be able to enter. Having private chat set to Off is similar to locking your portal.

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