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Runescape Construction Overview

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Heraldry and Family Crests
The workshop contains the heraldry hotspot. With the ability to paint your family crest on steel or rune full helms, you can wear your crest into battle. If you upgrade this to a shield easel, you can paint your crest on a kiteshield! If your Construction level is high enough, you can even make a large banner of your crest to carry around.
The repair bench, also found in the workshop, is very useful. Basic benches can repair broken staffs and arrows, and if you change this to a whetstone, you can sharpen old rusty swords. If your Construction level allows it, you could even make an armour stand, where you can repair Barrows armour for a reduced cost! The cost depends on your Smithing level: if your Smithing level is 1, the cost will be nearly the same as normal. With 99 Smithing, your repair cost will be practically halved.
To make flatpacks you will need to construct a workshop and workbench. Here, you can make money from your Construction level. Dependant on the level of your workbench, you can construct flat-packed items. For example, you can use the same materials to make a rocking chair to make a flatpacked version of it with your workbench. You still get the same experience for making the item. You can then sell this item to another player who is unable to make the item, but wants it for their own house. They simply use the flatpacked version with the hotspot.

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