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Runescape Mining Overview

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Map of the Dwarven Mine

The Mining Guild is unnamed on the world map and is located on the east side of Falador, south of the east bank. Alternatively, you can enter the mines using the adjoining gate from the Dwarven Mine. To enter the Mining Guild you have to climb down one of four ladders. You must have a Mining level of 60 or above to enter this guild.

Inside this guild, you can mine a variety of rocks including many coal rocks and mithril. With the Dwarven Mine a door away, you also have the opportunity to mine from the coal, gold, adamantine, mithril, iron, copper, clay and tin rocks there.

You will also find the various tools that spawn and that are dropped by the dwarves in the mine useful. If you head through the door to the Dwarven Mine, you will also find an anvil to smith items from your newly mined ore (provided they have been smelted into bars first) and a few shops to buy Mining and Smithing tools from.

Necklaces of skills will teleport you directly to the guild.

The mines of Keldagrim contain different types of rocks to mine from.

Before you cross the river and get to the city, you can walk to the east to find a site containing copper and coal rocks.

Alternatively, talk to the ferryman and for two coins he will take you across the river to two other sites, one to the west and one to the east of the bridges. The western site contains iron rocks and the eastern site contains tin rocks. Pay the ferryman two coins again and he will take you back to the tunnel entrance.
By talking to the boatman you can travel down the river to the centre of Keldagrim. In the city there is a Mining shop selling pickaxes from bronze to rune, a furnace, anvils, and a general store to sell your mined items and a bank if you wish to store some items.

Witchaven Rubium Mine

After completing the Kennith's Concerns quest, you'll gain access to a rubium mine beneath Witchaven. To reach the mine, head down into the shrine, through the secret door and through the caverns to the mine area.

Mining Rubium Inside the mine itself, you'll find 6 places to mine rubium in both the second and third of the main chambers. You'll need to keep traveling between these two chambers to continue mining rubium.

Rubium can be sold to your friend, Ezekiel Lovecraft, in Witchaven's Fishing shop. Ezekiel is stockpiling the stuff for his plan. Rubium is also very useful in the creation of super fishing explosives.

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