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How to Make WoW Gold in wow eu?

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How to Make WoW Gold?
How to make World of Warcraft gold? This is an old topic, I remember when last year, there are many people asked, now gold price really cheap, if you really need some at once, you can come to our site to buy some, I am sure we will send the gold to you soon.

Now many people play wow eu, the population become large and large. When school's out, WoW's in ... Is that the usual state of affairs at your house? If you want to limit the times when your kids can log in – protecting evening study time and bedtime, or setting weekend, holiday and vacation limits – then you need Blizzard's parental control feature. Parental control settings allow you to choose blocks of time that an account is and is not accessible for play. Players cannot log in during restricted hours, and they'll be automatically logged out if they play past their allowed time window.

But parental control settings are not character-specific. Setting parental control limits affects every character on a given account. But if your child has her own WoW account, setting up parental control limits is an easy way to set limits on your young player. Blizzard keeps setting limits simple by suggesting several pre-made schedules. Some limit access to evenings and weekends, others to after school and weekends, and still others to evenings only. You can choose a schedule with an automatic one-hour break at regular intervals or restrict access to weekends only. Of course, you can also come up with a completely individualized schedule to suit your family. Be sure to consider revising schedules for holiday and vacation play.

Game is so popular, but how to make game in WoW? Grinding is an easy way to make a lot of  wow gold quickly, and this is how the Chinese farmers operate. If you serious about using this method, you will need to download the Auctioneer mod to help you with the selling at the Auction House. Try to grind at places where you can kill more humanoid opponents. They drop items that can be sold for a lot more gold at the Auction House like textiles and green and blues. This method of making World of Warcraft can be very boring but there is no need to do quests. Just be mentally prepared to handle the boredom and you will make a lot of gold.

Leveling up your character to level 50 and above will help you make more gold. The drops that your opponents like humanoids are much more valuable and you also get a reward from the quest master when you have completed quests. Once you are at higher levels, your rewards will be in gold instead of silver and copper coins. The jewel crafting profession is very good for making gold in Wow, and your skills should improve as you level up. You can expect to make even more gold when you combine mining with crafting jewels. Jewel crafting for spells is very lucrative when you sell it at the Auction House or trade them with other players.

If you followed these steps, I am sure you can get much gold. Enjoy your WoW EU!

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