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Druid in the World of Warcraft Gold Farming

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Forthly, you can go on with the following places which will promise you with the easy wow gold farming. The cage wander in the shadowvalley, the hands of the Gul'dan, and then you can go on to the stinky pool, where you can loot the primal flame.��
Fiftyly, the Legion Hold at the entrance of the shadowvalley will host you to loot the unholy equipments, mines and herbalism.
Sixthly, the Skettis, where you can loot for thousands of gold.
At the cross of the Terokkar Forest and the shadowvalley, you will easily find the way to loot the fame, Sky Guard reputation.
Details will show you clearly the way to loot such reputation
Fly straightly from the City Of Sand. In the case of the mines and herbals, you can go down to deal with them. There will be 4 mining spots and 5 herbal spots outside of the hold for your looting. There, you can go upward if you have find nothing at all outside the hold.
With the destination set at the Guard Airports, you can during your flying complete some daily quests which will help you go through the Skettis Heartland, while go alternatively with herbalism and mining, you will finally catch sight of the 72 tree, which is fully immune to the natural spell.
Your quests will be nothing but to cut it and skin it, which will promise you with various kinds of herbalism, such as the Dreaming Glory, Mana Thistle, ancient moss and so on. Additionally, you may have the chances to pick up 2-5 life motes, 1-5 Fel Lotus and some drawing weapons.
There will be four trees, which are respectively located the 2' o clock, 3' o clock, 6' o clock and 9' o clock around the pool. Refresh them once within 6.5-7.5 minutes.
Usually it will took me 20-30 seconds to cut down one tree, (30*4)/60 minutes for flying, and 2.5 minutes to cut down 4 trees, which will leave you with 4-5 minutes for you to complete the daily quests.
Next, you will have to collect the 14 mining spots, 20 herbal spots, 3 boxes spots and some primal water in the pool. Still you will have to kill some 72-monster and some junior monsters along the shore.
If time allowed, you can go around the pool once again and you will find more 10 herbal spots and 8 mining spots. Remember that you should take the direction at the 10'o clock.
Ok, that's all for the world of warcraft gold farming in this place. The loots will go from the primal life (8-12 pieces/hour), herbals, fel lotus, primal water, reputation materials and some surprise (some drawing, equipments items).
Usually 600-800 gold will come to my account within just one hour.
Another notice for you, when you are dealing with the tree, you should bear in mind your stances against the tree within the populated monsters.


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